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Extremely important. For those who have A decreased ability to make insulin. Or not making much insulin. Then the mechanism to help without a stem cell therapy Because then we take yourselves from your body. Spend them. Separate them put them right into the vein. They can go to your heart, lungs, liver, kidney pancreas. Easier for Lupus and rheumatoid as well. Diabetes, so Your cells have the greatest capacity of repair. For areas of your body that have damaged degeneration. And of course, you could see proof of this by looking at the videos on the Web site. Traumatic brain injury. Macular generation mess. Also colitis, COPD. Diabetes, Alzheimer's dropped foot stroke, Parkinson's. A love the joint injuries and disorders. So the list of great information goes on and on. The reality is That We want to maximize your body's ability to maintain its health. In conversations that I seem to have every day. We're looking to bring your hormone levels back to where you were 10 or 15 years ago. And we're looking to get your vitamins to where they were 10, 15 or 20 years ago. Because every lab range decreases What it's expected to show as you get older. If you're 70 you don't wantto have the hormones that have declined down to a 70 year old person's age. You wanna have them to a prior age so you could get those functions. Back. The same with vitamins the same with doing some activity and exercise. So the activity is really one of the most important part of the picture once you correct The biochemistry. Once again phone lines. Rope in 1 808 for eight w A B c 1 808 for 89222. And we'll get you right up on the year. This is a live program today, so we'd love to chat with you and as well. On Sunday. The program is 7 to 8 P.m.. You have been pushed back for an hour because we love our new spot. We lover intro. Lydia Surana Histon a wonderful job with her program, and she's very gracious to give us Little leading, so we're appreciative for that. So, yes, you're Cole's will help a lot of people because You're giving the Impetus for other people to call and as well Other people have similar problems that you might have 108 for eight W A. B C 108 for 89222. Calcium vitamin D in bone health and Children. Children need lots of nutrients because they're rapidly growing and metabolically active. Individuals, so testing vitamins and minerals for Children makes a great deal of stents. Important to make sure that vitamin D and calcium or there because that's important for bones for a new response. So We see Children from 10 years and up. And typically when parents come in, and the Children come in with him, and the parents go through what they're doing, the Children become interested in understanding the same mechanism. Because they want to eat right and do all the activity envious. Healthiest is possible. High performance supplementation with antioxidants. I seem to control antitoxin status in Type two diabetes. You know, there's a lot that's simply said if you do a lot of exercise, your body's gonna burn sugar and fat. If you keep the carbs down local I see Mick Foods, your body will burn to the sugar in no time and then burn the fat. Far more accurately. Antioxidants will protect your tissues from free radical damage. And as we talk about Type two diabetes Yes. You want to have fibre? Yes. Multi Vitamin. Yes. You want vitamin D and all the nutrients calcium, etcetera. But to be able to create Significant change in the diabetes. You want to change the fact the pancreas cannot make the insulin Thank you giving your body Insulin cells by putting stem cells into play. And those stem cells will go into your vein and go to every organ where there's damage in degeneration and make brand new cells that are functioning cells of the organ they turn into they differentiate into That's why, with our type two diabetics Within 2 to 4 or five months. The combined protocol that I do. Between the peripheral low carb exercise correcting vitamins, minerals and hormones and the stem cell. We see that those individuals are non diabetic. Within roughly that period of time. Okay. Phone lines are open. If you'd like to call in do so Now. This is a live program. Let's go next to George in Stanford. How are you? Yes. Run. You administer testosterone. What method you use to use pills do use a cream. Well,.

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