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I didn't know them so is that's not cool you know. are you serious. and we're. there is an aspect of the of of our human population that I didn't know that we would appeal to end its older liberal pokies. have a good time yeah they have free one at a good time you take Rhonda so yeah I think that's who was with me all right five one two eight three six zero five nine look like her here let's see here let's see Carlos Carlos good morning. good morning Tom Donnelly I love listening to you guys thanks you make certain in rush hour traffic so so much. so much since you can stand it listen to you guys. comedy coming in but we have coaches just a quick comment come and speak so optimist club he. and they said whenever you to place a home game. if during center next to thirty million dollars to the Austin economy I believe. yeah yeah I I I tell you it was just blew my mind it looks like if they look more like they were getting ready for a CL no no no I think ESPN's game day this is the S. P. and gave me this the game the broadcasting from that's why they were said nothing probably been set up all week well but I mean it it it's you Jim more than that I mean you could just kind of there was this kind of buzz in the air you know going to be in game day now that so they bring all the students out to come put put part of the broadcast it's a festival every morning yeah it was it it was cool to see it really was I just wish I could afford to go to one of the games. or you had time here's the other thing about going to UC ke and what you're about to say is a problem not just in college football but professional football it even worse in baseball yeah I think I know what you can well well first of all the the the prices as we talked about what what I was gonna say the the time the time commitment now if you're gonna go to UT game and I'm not saying don't go I'm not so I'm not it just it is what it is well it's a whole day it's all day it is and and so you have that's what you have to commit and it becomes a whole day commitment because part of it is finding parking and once you do find that parking and if you're lucky you have reserved parking may be and in one of the the the parking towers but still and you've experienced it getting out of the tower of the parking building after the game yeah there for a couple hours and someone with the percentages of people that go to the game that are really into the game you know and and Clements level like really into the game I mean there's nothing wrong with going just to be you know have some fun to be out the sunshine and not really watch the game drink beers and chase girls right right right that's that's what college is all about. yeah but but no no we're chamber a lot of it is is just be in there it is being there and and and were in the clothes yeah we're in the were the burnt orange and doing all that just kind of soaking up the atmosphere and that's fine man you're spending money you're paying eight ten Bucks for beer one US seven fifty one three thousand meat lovers are planning a massive barbecue party outside of vegans home. yeah vegan who sued her neighbors for grilling meat in their backyard is about to see her efforts go up in smoke a group of more than three thousand people are planning to hold a massive barbecue outside this meet haters Australian home this is in Perth yeah and a huge grill fast came together through a Facebook page called a committee barbecue it reads the don't let Cecilia destroyed the good Ole Ozzy tradition join us for a community barbecue to help sell your garden get some pork on her fork yeah the venison for October the nineteenth are this young lady she grabbed headlines earlier this week when she what she thought her latest law Faldo latest lawsuit against her neighbors for polluting the air with the smell of cooked meat it was our latest attempt to squash this family's love for barbecuing after previous lawsuits were tossed out of court five sorry to see you smile fee short to smell was featured silicon in ease vegan and she's fed up with the Meiji smells coming from all over the fence of her gear away in Holland hang on a second one do this right. warning snowflake.

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