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The closing arguments today wrapped up kind of what stuck out with you What was a message to jurors Prosecutor Linda Dana koski delivered a very forceful rebuttal Some of the strongest language that she's really used talking about the credibility of some of the witnesses from the defense especially Travis mcmichael himself making the point that Travis mcmichael has changed his story from day one None of the mcmichaels or roddy Bryan used words like you know we were trying to effectuate a citizen's arrest that day in their first statements to police now that's not legally required They have formed a very compelling legal argument since acting rashly on the day in question I understand too there were some moments that really especially got to ahmaud Arbery's mother Yeah I think this mother more than a mods mother but she did in fact leave the courtroom during defense attorney Laura hopes statement yesterday She said basically over and over again that Ahmad Arbery was in fact committing burglary on the occasions that he had stopped by the House under construction and satilla shores And as she's describing that she sort of chooses to describe a mods long legs and long dirty toenails And it was a moment that like I said I think more than just a mod's mother heard and sort of felt was a line too far Any idea of the effect of those closing arguments when you think about situations like that and then you think about what the prosecution said today do you think any of that is mind changing see if you were a juror I think that for whoever wanted to hear a sympathetic argument for the mcmichaels and roddy Bryan That was there That was displayed So if anyone finds those defendants stories to be credible I mean we will see we'll see some acquittals potentially There is a lot of talk that especially for William roddy Bryan that murder charge may be hard to stick on Because of you know if you believe him he was late to the scene so to speak he did not know as he claims that the mcmichaels were armed and that he would even be part of this in the way that he was Your sense of what the feeling is in Brunswick if one or all of the defendants is acquitted That's a good question I don't think we've heard much from the family members about how would you feel if roddy Bryan were to get off and maybe the Michaels didn't What I know is that the prosecutor's argument in this case has been that all three elements from all three of the defendants were necessary in order to get to the place where ahmaud Arbery got shot What that means is that without roddy Bryant's truck sort of blocking the path and some say forcing ahmaud Arbery into a ditch off of the road without that he wouldn't have turned back around and headed in the direction where Travis mcmichael and his father were on Outside of the courtroom Melissa in Brunswick what was the mood today as those arguments wrapped up and the case went to the jury I think the mood today was very quiet I think there's a sense that everything that has been done and everything that could have been brought up has been brought up and you know we asked Arbery's family about did they feel like the prosecutor did her best work today And they felt confident that we're going to have a guilty verdict We shall see We shall W a belisa Hagen in Brunswick for us Lisa thank you so much for the update Thanks Jim And an update now on the traffic.

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