County Judge, Christopher Maher, Rape discussed on Rush Limbaugh


At 2 o'clock good afternoon i'm marie osborne new developments in the story about the convicted rapist who was granted joint custody of a child a sand lake county judge this afternoon has issued a stay on an order that would have given 27yearold christopher maher a solo joint custody of a child conceived during a rape a judge in san like hirwani originally warded him joint legal custody the stay on the ruling will be in effect until a hearing next week the child is now eight years old was conceived during the rape one mira solo was nineteen years old the victim was twelve you'll hear much more on this story coming up at three o'clock on the guy gordon show at thirty seven year old chelsea area mother is headed to prison for having sex with two teenage boys last summer brooke lange in s was sentenced to four to fifteen years in prison for criminal sexual conduct legend this trembled them verged on tears while reading a statement group very only two children she has two children her husband has was in court whether the boys are fourteen and fifteen last summer when legend has lured them in with naked pictures of herself on snapchat the 38yearold began showing up at their parents houses for late nine encounters in her car lantion as says she is getting therapy to warren police officers are being lauded for their efforts in saving five people from a burning motel v america's best value in and suites near van dyke in chicago caught fire just after three am the blaze broke out in front of room 415 were five people between the ages of thirteen and 73 were sleeping inside meanwhile to warn police officers were in the area and responded to the fire as the flames grew the officers tried to gain entry into the room but warning able to get inside so the officers improvised in through a garbage came through the window shattering it and rescuing all five people inside there were no serious injuries reported now an investigation is underway because fire investigators say that the blaze may have been set intentionally chris renwick wjr news more than a dozen wildfires are scorching northern california aided by the states big drought low humidity high winds speaking at a news conference today the napa county fear a county fire chief berry bearman said it will take time for people.

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