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The and the jets were stacked on defense and just could do nothing on offense on iraq's line but it is hard to argue with the production and the consistency for mi kpatinde coordinate a defense now it also might be the case that okay when you think about the offense of coordinated in green bay who is the first near the comes to mind mike mccarthy right he calls the place so he has got more than just a pulse on the offense i have to imagine that any rex ryan led team he is to the defense what mike mccarthy is do the offense in green bay so it that level of influence from head coach the coordinator i would assume that persists under rights ryan but of course patten also at a year with the buffalo bills improved the ten thranked total defense as a pretty interesting stuff right i mean in the stats are the stats right the numbers are the numbers that is factual report with players right i have no idea i view blitz heavy guy i would say this if he 344 three go back and watch the jets play in a five six seven years ago and they were in everything defense right i mean there were three three five their everything the idea was centred upon confusion but he also extraordinary talent in new york extraordinary town uh talent the buffalo i'm just trying to take off the top ahead two thousand thirteen i'd have to go back and look at some of the players they have their but i would have i would always associated defense with the buffalo bills more so than offense interesting guy interesting higher not official get but he of beyond the adam schefter reporting that a deal was in the works to bring might patten to green bay as the next defensive coordinator for the green bay packers coming up next we will dive in two who might pet nears get a little deeper dive vat will go to cleveland with a guy very familiar with the cleveland browns understanding of what might pet was like as a head coach will do that after this on wtmj powell ademi hotel and casino would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our guest and bingo players with their generosity we raised more than.

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