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Uh yeah i think that will be key i think that could be good yeah or maybe they just pretend to call people like that scene approached um okay i think that we get but i also want to panel i like the i liked the panel i i'm going to i love the panel hello the panel because and we will have to make sure well if we get the panel from terrorists house that problem is solved but that they're actually funny show many of these like like win bachelor did those like after shows they would have people on the air not funny yeah it was painful to listen to them try and be funny oh no not thank you um okay yeah i don't know who we would pile of tompkins was on one episode i thought he was good and then uh nick crawl in uh john john laney diller now that was incredible tuna time or was it too much tuna yeah i can remember the name of it you know we watch their whole broadway thing on netflixing that was that was pretty good allies irish just like celebs rolling up and saying just like the meanest possible shit and inviting that person out to sit next to have anything about this an excellent awful evil that was yeah i'd okay at indyk that on what that how long so i very quickly alluded to how long the show mike gone okay the usaid how long you say like a week two weeks i think like every time out befell ming are we really could only production filming yeah i think like three days i think you have like and we turn that into eighteen episodes for one couple now i think it's one couple and an episode now i'm and talking about the season how long the season well short i think we go with like a netflixing okay.

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