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People that make an occasional ourselves and I should've amend this whole thing began like can I can actually call the show like Emmy Award winning play another show itself hasn't when any hardware we are any Jason but because Michael Moynahan Vice News who's in the building and he is Emmy Award winning journalist God. He is associated with with the podcast name. His name is under the mass that we qualify because they don't give those kinds of things to God cast anyway. Apparently they give them to anyone. Exactly yeah even even old white white guys stretching. It's not right and it's not fair while I was in. He's in the building. Thank you Anthony Fisher. Also in the building fresh off of his stint uh-huh co hosting the Republican presidential nominee debate thing co moderating the debate hosted by business talk about that a little bit daily show treatments on point and and Camille foster is also here now. I do stuff at free think casually I. I also suffering servant what I am. I'm very impressed. Camile yeah because you texted me earlier. Today and you're like I wanted to do it. I don't want to go do it's fucking forty five minutes. I was like it was like the dentist coming out and refined pop. Just shut up and you come and I do have Zayn more sympathy for you because I see shuffling in is shot and you say three in the morning from some other state so I have to say I'm and I'm very impressed that you gave a very spirited intro somebody who hasn't slept much and I don't believe any longer taking taking prescription stimulants. This is true. I'm high off of life and French in school. Kids see you guys very good friend. Matt Welsh is somewhere on assignment or just generally fucking laze. He's at large is the editor at large reason magazine see I did that. there's a great deal going on in the world. we should talk about is apparently. Oh my God going to be impeached again but probably not because Teflon Don he can't be touched but even if the navy tomorrow something else remember. Bill Clinton was impeached. Yeah and we got eight years. We'll see and we deserve long and hard hitching really about how that works works gross thing to say how it works. Is it particularly particularly for Bill Clinton Lindsay context appropriate. Yes that's the problem I mean if it wasn't a an Obama was large. No I think we should talk a little bit about the president's situation but it is so fluid and changing moment to moment who knows where that will end up by the time this is released but there is a young lady who set the world ablaze or is trying to stop the ones. Yes yes again look at the things he said. This is all very well calibrated before I say it on the war on e CIGS is still going on and I think we should not going on and it's it's. It's an IT's a battle. The bulge credible is it but I think we should begin with this whole emmy situation because as I understand it when the EMMYS are are so white again yeah there's at least been reported a few cases and given you how yeah I was just a different emmys. No on the news and documentaries that's not one is sitting in the crowd counting the number of why people on stage because the people the WHO typically do that are sitting in the crowd because it's a news emmys the previous night they're watching the ones on television this is this is why the game of thrones wants people. There's no photos of you with them. Now I have a photo Jamie and Peter ledges. Just I fall Chelsea to see him and Chelsea all the time. 'cause I used to work over and I used to see. This is what I'm saying but I used to see. This dog had a huge DASA dog. It's amazing. I've seen him why I haven't seen him. I've seen photos the same he had this big dog and I would always see I'm not going to say more than that. Yes because he was doing take me away. He was doing it on purpose. It was to troll people. You don't at that point. Maybe you had to do it or it was good because now he's just fucking. Peter England yeah I mean he's like you know. Women's Love Him Yeah Yeah. Everyone knows I got Peter Drink which is really hot. I like I like you know. I think he's great. He's a great actor. He's he's funny as green is also very handsome and is he's a handsome uh-huh and is a British accent got better as that show in on despite haven't seen it. I saw the first episode and then kind of one of the later ones. Hook and he sounded he's sounded better but yes at the emmys regret great that was it was it was fun but the Emmy so why does the different so that one I said to you because you were out there. During during Oscarssowhite like fucking Euclid doing math equations about why that wasn't true. I sent you a message about this and then I'm GonNa find the message that I sent because there was a an article like why don't we can pay attention but there was an article in Vogue. you know it's not a small magazines means a big. It's a big magazine and so there was an an emmy is article V. I was like okay this is this is inevitable and it was the headline was two thousand. Emmys were once again so white in the picture beneath it is the only I think all white cast which is game of thrones right which is not alway cat. I was not an AK why cast but the photo here the people who appear to be mostly mostly white but it's also an incredible situation in the world world that I'm looking at a photo of a TV show after they've won an award that I think is richly deserved people's attention and saying I'm count generally. I'm trying trying to figure out what race everyone I mean. It's kind of a kind of a weird thing but so I sent this to you. Is it sounds like you're in the nineteen sixties or something yeah. No I know weird it works. I was weird that Bull Connor presented Orval fobus award for lifetime achievement sufficiently white achievement it said Emmys Amis categories twenty six categories they're handed out in only three yes three major awards major awards. I don't know how they qualify that people of color you're and then down below that says the twelve acting honors given to two black actors so you know we're talking to thirteen percent representation because we're talking about representation. You have to do this right. Thirteen percent yeah right. Isn't that interesting number to twelve would be well. I twenty six. It would be three so that's perfect out of out of out of twelve. That's too that's overrepresented right so I don't really understand yea what this stuff is supposed to be because then you realize I had a bit of a connection last episode about an article article about some tall show go back and listen to it because then you'll get your need is very vital content. That's how we downloads you. We don't we won't tell you anymore but my favorite bit and his piece some saw when you start by the way ladies and gentlemen boys and girls if you are training to be journalist news and you start a sentence say says some saw you're fired but it's two thousand nine hundred and fourteen year olds or running not invoke some sought. Chernobyl's triumphs as robbing Eva Duvalier's highly praised when they see us a searing look at the Central Park five stories another instance American awards voters preference for European history over their own countries dark past now. Let's do something here quickly. I wouldn't actually actually called Ternopil European History Soviet Socialist Republic. It's the Soviet Union in a nineteen ninety-six but if you want to expand Europe Eurasia or something but this this is exactly what I was talking about the other day in the last episode it and I saw this and multiple versions of this article is that criticism has become this. The merits of the show don't matter at all. It's like we'd how did share noble win against Aberdeen as divorce as show is a better show in by the way. I think that journal was the first show that was on. I'm one hundred percent rating after like ten thousand votes yeah look. I liked it. That was a very good show. I think it has like some severe of factual scientific fantastic deficiencies but there's some there's some yeah it is haunting yes and an amazing. Nothing happened really fantastic. So you see the Korean. Everything blows up and just like as film. It is a very very difficult thing to make something like that. Four five thing everyone loves it and it's essentially the historical version of a Harold Pinter play. It's just people taking dramatic pauses and huffing and puffing around Kennedy really really works and the criticism areas that because caused this when they see us is about the central park five and that is our history by the way imagine that nativist kind of idea. This is our history and you're favoring their history. This US versus them kind of paradigm but the funny thing about this. Is it completely flattens whether or not these films are good. you know this is the thing that I it was representations. about WHO's being nominated and now it's about representation and who's being chosen there might be a year in which you know minority led show. Ron Written directed shows run the tables and I can see that happening very easily because I can think of a lot of shows that fit that bill that are great. Atlanta tore it up a couple years ago and it was great and it's a great. It's really actually a great show. I wasn't show great television show and I don't care what color doesn't matter to great TV show and then and you know this is like look. Chernobyl was a great piece of work and this person was complaining that you should have chosen your preference should be it's kind of a Stalinist incident. It isn't it was like a like a Pravda review is art is for the people when they say that it means tell you what the art is going to be in this thing taking the the voter's preference for European. It's you know maybe it's their preference for good television over. You know okay television in. I tried to watch that thing and it just wasn't my cup. I'm not I'm not going to say. It's a bad of piece of work. I just you know but it's crazy that this is actually how ninety percent of the coverage on other stuff just like this. I'm like how how could you choose this Jilani Cobb from the New Yorker who I hope will come on the show who tweeted the voters had an.

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