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All right. We're back with george rufford and we had some questions. Come in from you guys that. I'm hoping george you will answer for us Chris wrote in to say. What care should we be taking with stuff coming into our house like groceries and packages. Nothing now often. Unless it's glistening. There's not gonna be fun like they have to put it that way glistening so basically we don't need to be using the clorox wipes on the packages anymore. The foam transmissions pretty low pretty low. Might so word. I learned in two thousand twenty. That's one positive. I guess okay. Okay so for the new york city subway and there's a pole and somebody's been hanging on. It has been sneezing into their. And you know. yeah you can. You can get my transmission from that but aside from stainless steel and glass services. It's pretty pretty unlikely. It's funny because if he were to ask me what is a service that might actually be glistening. Thanks to a stranger. New york city subway pole would be my first response so that lines up. Chris also wondered whether he needs to wear a mask all the time when he walks outside or only when he's near other people in that is i have that question too. 'cause i take a mask with me to walk. I put it on when i see people coming but do i have to have it on all the time. Should you should people come up from behind jones stuff. I at some level. It's easier just put it on. Keep it on the not okay. Well my daughter pointed out to me that it's actually helpful for building lung capacity because you have to work harder to breathe if that's true but could use it at least to rationalize that answer that question. Yeah the answer. No doesn't increase the work of ruth okay. Increase smells breathing. Not the word. Capri them all right. Well keep the keep the mask on and put it on outside the front door and don't take it off until you get back inside. We're gonna easier all right. Jennifer wrote in and said. Are you able to estimate. Average immunity conferred from covid infection She had cova back in april and she's wondering if she still has any protection now. Don't don't probably about somewhere. Between eighty five and ninety percent of people develop measurable antibody but only about fifteen percent of people develop high levels of measurable antibody and these are the right kinds of antibodies neutralizing antibodies that are directed to the protein on the sars. Cov two virus that actually binds to the cell wall basically. It's the key that goes into the Those antibodies wayne overtime but all antibodies wayne overtime. And the question is if you get re challenged. Will you have an immune response where you can recall this immunity and start making antibodies so fast that you don't get sick. The other there are a number of other corona viruses. We deal with there are four that are of a different lineage the alpha krahn for you virologist out there and they are the ones cost common. Colds upper respiratory infections immunity to them. Way wayne's over about four months so the concern is that maybe this is really not long lasting immunity plus we now have about a half dozen cases of clearly documented. Reinfection sec action. But that's out of forty million cases worldwide so homages six make you nauseous like Who cares but it's you know the the concern is is that this may not be naturally acquired..

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