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Fighter planes were shot down under a heavy antiaircraft fire of all the lofa will huckle mode which are the sowa molly on syrian state television claimed president assad's forces shot done the plane that prompted a wave of israeli strikes against a dozen targets in syrian territory this was the reaction of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu i've been warning for some time iran's military entrenchment in syria iran seeks to use a syrian territory to attack israel for its professed goal of destroying israel this morning iran brazenly violated israel's sovereignty and this demonstrates that our warnings were 100 percent correct so what does this intensification of violence tell us about the involvement of regional powers in the syrian conflict his on middle east analyst alan johnston iran says it's in syria for good reasons sayed says he was invited by the syrian government and its it's had to fight to headesd extremist groups but israel has washed iran move into the syrian renew with deep concern israel regards iran as a very dangerous enemy said the israelis have been a pool that iran in his allied militant groups like the lebanese hezbollah broken isolation now have a presence just over the border in in syria the military tensions have been building and building a now we've seen this explosion once happened today was dangerous a full scale confrontation make no mistake involving israel and iran would be extraordinarily serious it would drawer and the americans and it would spread far beyond syria very quickly but his tone saying there at the moment it it looks like neither side once that neither side looks keen to escalate the violence in the dust might well settle now but it has shown us how very volatile the situation as and israel will be worried it it's used to its warplanes roaming across serious skies almost unchallenged striking it will but now one of its jets has been shot down it seems and israel may need to operate more cautiously from here on and as you might imagine his enemies to the north are delighted by this they feel they.

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