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The sheets sheared that's gonna be like what a goof yeah and then he was like i'm never working with sheep again and then low and do you know that the fever almost entirely cgi brokeback mountain i'm not fucking joke so he was just like my hate sheen via fax reels that leak out where the like the effects companies showed the before and after the one brokeback mountain is literally no exaggeration the most impressive when i've ever seen because you're like none of the sheep were real and it's and you just see heath ledger now i know why why would they spend all that money clearly it was like i've done before domini do it again keith ledger and jerusalem hall on an empty mount and then you just see them layering in sheep after sheep that's why he made a billy goat gruff movie later brooke cost two hundred million it was actually a huge flop of all the sheep the make the sheep money back there is so much cgi and brokeback it's insane and it makes you realize how seamless it is back with the mountain fiction yeah right yeah also equate cj bushwacker star fuckers or whatever i think he has used both to different groups horrific both of whom are after him kinda good no conspiracy theorists now i'm not a conspiracy theorist not like no meth head hang on a trailer and canada wasn't that for a lot of his career success and then it you know it caught up with him a little bit rough yeah yeah was in fucking the last detail credit all right i'll give them a little bit of credit snl i played reagan is the only person to get on for nas car and then joined the cast of us on that all right i don't know soft pass all right kind of guy he plays scum bombs he has his wife put on a rupert murdoch massive and peg him on camera you know okay you're right what do you think of the cottage true the cottage i actually i like the way that did my willoughby brandin rent yeah great i like hello how kate walks into the cottage like she's like eager to kind of check it out then her face just on this you this is an eager performance in a way this pretty impressive right yeah yeah can we talk about wrecking a little because we almost got into this before recording and i want to save it for this i have heard women over the year describe alen rickman is very sexy and i was always like that fucking like elephants one of my favorite character act writers he looks like a milton great loss right he's a weird guy with a weird voice and he has a bit of a droopy kind of fate when he came on screen this i was like oh i fucking get it this is the first time i've seen rickman on onscreen sky fox this guy fawkes confidence to this guy and his hair is fucking you folks folks general hoax folks honestly no i love the guy but i think there's a lot of pentup too eager ben is staring off into the middle sense of contemplation agreed that this guy fawkes hair here in this is something it does something and i also think there's to him and there's he there is a remove of a certain allah recommend usually has this chip on issues he's usually got this kind of thing and in this he just seems very sweet like moscow markey's odd and he's reserved but he doesn't seem miffed at all just you know obviously die hard casts him as the villains first booking movie and you know he's saying he's like forties and things like robin hood yes yes right that's his first movie ever but he had also been in truly madly deeply is a lovely movie charming and yeah so it's not like obviously unheard of for him to do a role like this but he just bad after this he doesn't really do it again this type of reserve yeah like like more like warm heartful place warm villain but he's rarely agency reserved here but he still warm whereas we mentioned math mcfadden before i felt was he was reserved but very cole he has i mean that characters written like a right exact hole so anyway no you're right yeah there's this failing a little bit there's thing that rickman communicates immediately in performance which is just this.

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