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With Chris Manning. How's somebody punch him in the face? Anthony Joshua is a composed and ferocious finisher. Watch this. Hosted by SI's Chris mannix. That was my moment. Now with interviews, analysis and everything going on in the world of boxing. When you have talent, you are given another chance. Here's Chris mannix. All right, it's a big fight weekend over in the UK. The heavyweight championship on the line Tyson Fury going up against dillion white. A lot of other things happening in boxing. For that, we're gonna go over to the UK to one of my favorite boxing insiders out there. Mike Carpenter, the boxing insider over at ESPN is going to be covering the fury white fight for ESPN, which can be seen here in the U.S. on ESPN+ pay per view. Mike, how was your early experience over in the UK? Great. Fans here are amazing. This is my third fight in London. I also covered the Anthony Joshua Alexander probe in fight in 2018. I Wembley, which I know you were on the broadcast for for the zone. And then again, the new year later, when Josh Taylor Ford Regis program at the O2. But this one feels a bit different so far already. You know, we've all heard that he heard bastardizing furious a is not a star here. I mean, I think the proof is in the pudding. Fury with his, you know, I think it's four fights in the U.S. has really transformed himself into a mega star over here. With those two big wins over Deontay Wilder courses charismatic personality and they're going to have about 94,000 plus on Saturday and I mean just the presser yesterday was a madhouse. Boxing is just so much different over here as you know. It's treated as a major sport and not very, very much so in the U.S. except on rare occasion. What do you attribute that to the ticket sales? Like you said, the 94,000 plus that are going to be at Wembley because I don't think I'm sure you agree that I don't think before Tyson Fury made his way to the U.S. to have the fights against wilder. I don't think he does this number in the UK three or four years ago. I agree with you. I think it's a combination of factors. I think you have to be Anthony Joshua a lot of credit. Anthony Joshua being on the UK boxing scene. I think lifts fury as well..

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