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Spitzer space telescope after sixteen years of scanning the universe with infrared eyes ground controllers to put the aging spacecraft into permanent hibernation for years but Sir look through dusty clouds that I'm told stars and galaxies uncovered a huge nearly invisible ring around Saturday and helped discover seven earth size planets around a nearby star altogether Spitzer observed eight hundred thousand celestial targets and turned out more than thirty six million raw images as part of the one point four billion dollar mission an estimated four thousand scientists around the world took part of the observations and published nearly nine thousand studies according to NASA designed to last just two and a half to five years the telescope got increasingly difficult to operate as it drifted farther behind earth NASA set it currently trails earth by one hundred sixty five million miles while orbiting the sun Spitzer will continue to fall even farther behind earth posing no threat to any other space craft or anything else officials that I Connecticut Indian tribe is withdrawing its decades long support of Indian related team names reversal has unsettled many people in Montville Connecticut where the high school teams are called the Indians with the former blessing of the Mohegan tribe the native American tribe traces its local history back centuries and today operates one of the world's biggest casinos the tribe in the school system have communicated over the years to make sure that the name honors American Indians and is not used in a derogatory way the mayor Ronald McDaniel said the school system will follow up with a try but the name is never been a source of friction until now British Airways joins a growing list of airlines suspending or reducing flights to China he pees at Charles de Ledesma reports it comes as fears spread about the outbreak of a new virus that killed more than a hundred thirty people show bases announce it immediately suspending all flights to and from mainland China after the British government warned against unnecessary travel to the country I made the virus outbreak finesse Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific and Singapore based Jetstar Asia meanwhile cutting back on flights to the country as the mantra for travel drops China has cut off access to the central city of Wuhan epicenter of the outbreak and sixteen other cities to prevent people from leaving and spreading the virus further I'm Charles de Ledesma question time in the truck trial I'm to acquire the AP news minute members of the Senate are questioning the house prosecutors and president trump's defense attorneys on this first day of questions in trump's impeachment trial during a break Utah Republican senator Mitt Romney told reporters he favors calling former national security adviser John Bolton to testify John.

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