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You ask them if they're vaccinated No Why didn't you get the vaccine And they look at you terrified and sad and they say I don't know Police are preparing for a big march and rally against vaccine mandates tomorrow midday in Washington organized by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who's banned from some social media for disinformation Just a couple of weeks ago daily COVID deaths in the U.S. were reported at a thousand to 1200 Now they are over 1700 Saint Johns Hopkins and the CDC Russia denying intending to install a pro Moscow or puppet government in Ukraine ABC's Patrick revill in Ukraine A senior Ukrainian commander telling us that there are now a 127,000 Russian soldiers near the borders the U.S. and European countries trying to increase support for Ukraine Germany saying today it will send a field hospital The question now is what Russia will do next week when the U.S. sends these written responses to its demand Listening to ABC News From the WOD 24 hour traffic center Looking at overnight construction the ramp from northbound 95 to Marina mile is closed That whole area has periodic lane and ramp closures both directions of I 95 at copan's road We have periodic lane closures as well I 95 between Broward and commercial boulevard We have some lanes shut down and crews have the left turn lane shut down on Griffin road eastbound at Davey road Use caution and watch for workers in the areas I'm Paul cross news.

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