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Strike as paul mccartney's got a new album coming out and i presume tonight carpool karaoke you would think thursday night drop you would think the new album doesn't come out though until september seventh egypt station patience is a virtue obtain it if you can found in women what never found in man ryan what's the first song come on to me i don't know let's go come on to me the song's called i don't know oh trouble let's hear the other one jamie stevie you're gonna give that what four out of five garys are like that to me or you know with us on sadly hang on it's a christmas present no donna please don't make any noise does they did did it did did it no dagens gonna get it the that's the core started in it the that the the waitresses right right now it's the waitresses is the group okay when it's called but i think i think christmas yeah let me be the first to say this is my favorite christmas offered now we're gonna play side by side this and paul mccartney bringing us down in paul mccartney's has a that here comes.

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