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Four ninety five southbound slow through Hazel and then from one fourteen pass route ninety three David straw, Felino, WBZ's traffic on the threes, signature business banking from Brooklyn Bank brings us the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast, we check in with meteorologist dean, devore's, this more like a dean. Yeah, I was at Turkey a couple of weeks ago with all that Chile and yucky weather. But we have turned back into a nice stretch here after summer yesterday. We're back to original programming here in New England, which is for this time of year spring, like weather at scored is out there, beautiful, bright, sunshine, you'll need the sunglasses through much pretty much all the day. There's some Fairweather clouds may mix in on a couple of occasions. But other than that, nice and sunny, temperature up to sixty five inland in your seventy downtown low to mid sixty s on the Cape. Then tonight we'll see temperatures go back down into the forties to near fifty. We're looking at a beautiful couple of days tomorrow, to Jeff's, upper sixties with a bit of a breeze in some sunshine, and mid upper sixties, and early showers. Some sunny breaks on Friday. We're looking at the weekend, a little cooler Saturday, backup into the low seventies for Sunday and Monday keep an eye on shower. Thunderstorm chance for both of those days. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist dean devore's WBZ. Boston's. Newsradio say this is pretty close to perfect here in Boston. Sunshine fifty seven in the city banks signature business banking provides everything you want in a great business relationship, a wide range of financing alternatives. Sophisticated cash management services prevention tools, and more signature business banking, only from Brooklyn Bank, member FDIC, equal housing lender. Did mornings seven twenty five at Boston's NewsRadio? Let's take a look at New England business this morning and tomorrow, we are going to get a better idea. But what's going on in the minds of Federal Reserve? Policymakers says minutes from its recent monetary meeting.

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