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I mean, this is why you sign that letter to play football at Michigan to play in these games against these teams. Well, let's move onto the go down south to death valley LSU. We don't even know what that is. There is of college football will most certainly be there because Georgia right now undefeated still eyeing a back to back run to the college football playoff. But this begins the toughest part of their schedule and taking on LSU. Let's start with the BULLDOGS and what do they have to do in order to get this win? Does I think that Jake from is going to really have to make some throws late night game to win this game. I think when you look at look at what happened the we could go when LSU play Florida. LSU's quarterback could not make throws late in the game. I think that's why I let you lost that game against the Gators I think now you'll flip this group LSU defense until you listen to the lights, but death valley, Ned Naito me like that going to bring the funk, especially after a loss the previous week. So I think there's gonna come down to Jake from making some critical throws late in the game to keep drives alive and maybe even the game winning touchdown pass. And I tell you what Georgia's. So I don't know that we know a lot about him yet. I mean, you watch him in there really talented. I wash their secondary. I think it's one of the best in the country period. It's just it's gonna be fun to watch that defense because the defense is good, but the linebacker spot without Wroclaw on to be tested to stop the run of LSU LS..

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