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Some clouds their truck you reporting twenty three degrees forty three in downtown Sacramento heading to a high of fifty eight degrees this afternoon and news ninety three point one K. F. became now to the stories that are trending on this Thursday morning governor Newsome is asking the federal government to hand over land to build new housing to solve California's deepening homeless crisis KP gaze Jordan Christmas explains California is asking the trump administration to provide surplus federal land that could be used to build housing for the homeless in a new state program governor Gavin Newsom sent the request the US housing and urban development secretary Ben Carson amid an ongoing debate over whether democratic officials in California are doing enough to ease the state's homelessness crisis the governor earlier this month directed his administration to identify unused a property that can be used by local governments or non profits that include state property along side highways or state roads state fairgrounds bank in hospitals and healthcare facilities during Christmas news ninety three point one KFBK Sacramento judge has rejected a request by defense attorneys to delay the case against the suspected Golden State killer Sacramento Superior Court judge Steve white said may twelfth as the day Joseph deangelo will return to court this is not an easy call I respect that the defense is working very hard on this the people however are entitled to bring this to a preliminary hearing deangelo is a seventy four year old former police officer who is accused of killing thirteen people and kidnapping thirteen others defense attorneys Alice Michael and Joe Kress asked for the additional time to go through the more than one excuse me more than a quarter million pieces of evidence turned over by prosecutors never seen it from a case where sixty journeys have signed the complaint all we're asking for is the opportunity to represent our client illusion.

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