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Bank. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead, where it is now three 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s it's going to Carlos Ramirez and the WTF traffic center. Thanks, rich, dealing with the new accident scene. This one's on the westbound side of route 50. Just as you make away past two O two, accidents seen their multiple emergency vehicles making their way. Now I don't have it in camera, but I am seeing a pretty significant delay right now. Westbound side of 50 after four ten on your approach towards two O two, that's where you will find that accident scene. Sounds like if you're headed on the southbound side of I 97 and we were trying to access crane highway, unfortunately, you won't be able to, traffic is stopped headed past 32. In fact, traffic that tries to continue southbound on the great highway will be forced to head westbound en route 32. Keep that in mind. You're headed on the westbound side of 50 watch out for this, not the westbound, the eastbound side of 50. Soon after the severn river bridge, a little closer to college Parkway looks like an accident scene, got some delays starting to build their unclear how many lanes are affected, but again, watch out for the brake lights. Down in Virginia, very quiet right now on three 95, 66, and I 95 no issues to report on the beltway so far so good. One 8 6 6 three O four WTO is the traffic tip line and Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Thank you, Carlos. Now let's go to storm team four meteorologist Amelia Draper. A cold start on this Sunday with temperatures in the 20s and 30s and some clearing

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