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These days. We're all working really, really hard to make money. And sometimes you got to take on that side Hustle. It's real 97.1 watch that. Then we're Toby and chilly in the morning, and it seems One of our own has a new side hustle idea. Producer Kayla always finds these things on the Internet. What is it now that we can do to make a little extra bank now, I don't know if it works. I'm trying it out today because we all get spam calls like 30 a day and apparently by reporting the spam calls you can make between 300 to $1500 per reports. Uh, Yeah, right. So I found these instructions on Twitter. This is why I'm trying it out for hers. Basically, you just put yourself on the do not call us. You wait for a spam caller to call you and you kind of, you know, go with the flow for a little bit to get the business. I put quota of business information. And then once you get like their email in the name of the company, you send them a letter saying, Hey, I am reporting you guys so they do not call dot com dot gov. Whatever. And then they'll normally respond with, Please don't because that would be a huge fine. We'll pay you X amount of dollars to not do that. Boom. That sounds like a lot of emails does have a lot of hoops black. It's little blackmailing. Uh, but it is a lot of loops. I I agree with you will be my head hurts. Yeah, There's a lot you had me at. Step one. I can report some stand callers, lakes and make $100 came on. Stay with me. Okay. Okay. Put your number on the do not call which we've already kind of done Already. People have them wait for the spam caller get talked to them about for five minutes. Just Get a little info. Once you get that info, you're going to send them a letter that you already prepared just copy and paste it and saying, Hey, I'm going to report you guys. This is illegal, and then they're going to try to say no, Please don't do this. Here's some money and then you move on with the rest of your day. You know what it is. It's playing their game and being at it, You know, it's like, so listen, person did say it takes about 20 minutes, So it's not like Super quick. Okay, well, you try it. You're right. You're right. You go ahead. And maybe we'll think twice as Do you roll in here with some Louis Vitton bags and stuff. I mean, if I see you in some low, Bhutan's and also a step by step on the website, please. For anybody else who has the additional 20 minutes. Anybody who has the time to jump through hoops, 12345 and shakedown. Some stand collars for $1500. I got time. Toby until he page wash FM dot com. Stay there top stories on the way next. Crews are going to work today to remove the Confederate statue in Richmond..

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