FBI, Dershowitz, FOX discussed on Red Eye Radio


The files will you've got i i don't know ten thousand different files hot you know or then does that mean the government can go in and you know looking for one crime and then go through everything all the ten thousand other things that are in those files look for other crimes even though the warrant just designates one particular area and that's where the fbi has a team or the judge can have an independent reviewer of all the files that then looks at all the files and says okay fbi this relates to the warned here is what you can use it can be a separate faction of the fbi or it can be an independent group or person that the the the judge who issues the warrant you know could could also assign a assign a to the problem is when you have the fbi doing it again civil libertarians like dershowitz we're looking at it and saying you got the fox guarding the hen house but i i look at this and say but what was what are they looking for what what is it you just you just can't get a warrant and look for everything because trump said something that's not enough you need some type of probable cause in order to get a warrant what is that probable cause and are they looking at a crime from cohen now you and i both said a couple of times the whole story doesn't pass the stink test no the whole thing reeks of politically motivated action here because what but not the whole story from cohen of one hundred thirty thousand okay passes leading but this raid doesn't pass the smell test because what we until we learn other things my question is why is it that it it rose to this level even coen's attorney coming out saying it wasn't it was you know the raid was completely unnecessary which is implying that any subpoena would have been answered.

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