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Having go against lefties You know you could Well look jay. Bruce retired and again with this kid for that. That didn't work out. The whole jay. Bruce thing obviously they called up garcia which is something that they they probably had to do but the other thing is is they could use a roll. This chapman a little bit more. They have a ferrari in their bullpen. And you know he has. Apparently his new splitter is unhittable he's face fifteen batters and he's thrown at and struck out eleven but aroldis chapman has pitched in four games this year four games. He went eight days between appearances. So i know you have a weapon like that sitting there to close out games. And if you don't have the lead then you're not gonna use them right but i think about a game the other day of the yankees were trailing three two. The ninth and chapman was sitting there getting ready in case they took the lead. But that would be a case. Like say normally. I'd be against it but when you're sucking this bad this'll be a case where it's like. I'm putting chapman now to keep it to run run deficit and what happened the bullpen. Go up another run. They go into the ninth now. It's bottom the night now. It's four to two. So like the the obvious thing is that anyone not named garrett cole has to pitch better because they've all stuck outside of garrett cole And using chapman were often is not gonna fix anything. But it's still it's just everybody can start out ice cold and it can get contagious like that. That's why i always liked the one guy who steps up and it's like i'm not going to stink like the rest of you. Guys can all get together and go. Oh we stunk. Today will not me and sometimes that's all you need. That's what i kind of thought. Mookie betts was with the dodgers. He was that one guy who was like look. I'm going to be mookie betts. I don't care what color the hat is. And i'm wearing. I'm going to be mookie betts so if you guys want to jump on the train we can bring the dodgers first world championship since the eighties on their like. Okay let's do it. I think avenue guy like lewke bets even makes kershaw pitched better. It's just a feeling throughout the whole organization that you can have it and so yeah the yankees have some doldrums and no one feel sorry for him. I don't even think yankee fans feel sorry for them. When the as beat the yankees ten at a ten times back we had at eighty nine or ninety. The yankee fans were cheering every as homerun. Just a mock mack matt nokes and bobbing beecham and those guys. Mike geigo at short It's getting to that point. And they said the rest of the country doesn't really.

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