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You know, the the assistant says hey, it's the year 3000 what ever been to the year 3000 Then so she's like, oh my gosh, I'm you know a thousand years in the future whatever and then she she meets this other guy. She's like, well, what about this? What about that one about that? What about this he goes? Oh that doesn't exist anymore. She goes that's impossible. How does it and then she starts crying. I'm like if I knew it was a if you took me from where I am right now put me a thousand years in the future and I'm I'm in the middle of nowhere and I go up to somebody and I go I'm just trying to get back to a to a marriage. How do I get back to America and America has been gone for three hundred years. I'm going to be like what it's been gone for like a thousand years is a long time things happen. Right? Like everything was an impossible place an impossibility to her, but it's been a thousand years. I mean like a lot happens in a thousand years and everything would just mind-blowing. You know, you're at that you accept the fact that you're a thousand years in the future, but you don't thought that nothing has changed in a thousand, right? Yeah that one and then you start bawling every time you find out something inconvenient has happened and I'm like, why are you making this character like this? I don't know that was goes bap. Have the dialogue there's nothing against the actress. I love the actors. But the way this whole thing was set up. It was just a little ridiculous you could have instead of like show I mean you could show emotion without physically like showing it like kind of like just had the emotion within you see her eyes whatever, you know, like but not her bawling because she wouldn't she wouldn't do that. They wouldn't allow that right in Vulcan. Yeah. No and you have to think logically about stuff, you know, logically that this could happen you're you know, you're a thousand years in the future and then actually the the score on these new Star Trek shows. They're like first off it's so ridiculously loud, you could barely hear the dialogue half the time cuz it just Blends in because the score is not like subtle. It's very much dramatic or you know has like a whole bunch of moving parts to it Dynamic I think is what I'm looking for and how long it just it over it distracts from the scene. You don't have to have music on every scene. It's okay to let you know a ship sound happen without any music or you know what I mean like phone number. Cool it on the music. Jeff Russell pump the brakes on the music anyway, but other than that though, I'm really enjoying where the seasons going off like like you like it and then you're like, I I like it. It's know. I like I like the idea. I liked where they're going with it. They they learned a lot from the past to see where they were screwing stuff up and they're trying to bring a little bit more. Hope basically it's like it's kind of a David and Goliath story, right? It's the the Federation which was a huge massive entity that help keep everything in order and promote Goodwill towards men and yada yada yada. It's now destroyed and there's little fragments of it left in the universe. And and how do you how do you put that back together and help bring ordering off and stuff through all this chaos? That's what I like. Yeah. I will say the best part of that episode one was when when she didn't go to the Starfleet Outpost and met with that guy that that there are whole encounter wage. Whole scene I did get emotional by I will say now that that was good. But everything else was very like whatever know I thought it was good. Anyway, any last words before we we're way over time here, but although we had a lot of a lot of action-packed stuff today you guys heard about my scooter ride my peace with scooter ride get the check in with Julie. We had Jose del Arco, which I thought Eric you had some great questions. Thank you. And then you find out that we gave Star Trek discovery of of nine. Do you think the ad Court know I think that pretty much wraps it up. after the show I don't know. He knows his women in that show. You think you'd watch it to get some sort of like action as life, you know visually, but I guess not. Well, that sucks show. We'll see you next week. This is m z now online at him Z now. Like us on Facebook at forward slash..

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