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Dictates. If they end up changing investing more in offensive players because they believe they have the quarterback. Don't be surprised if you see Uber explosive offense in the next couple of years from New England. If you see them starting to devote their resources there. And New England is pretty easy to figure out on how they're going to play each year based on how they're investing their resources in the off season when they are going heavy on defense and drafting deep it. You're going to see a conservative offense with an aggressive defense. If you see him going to free agency, or you see him start drafting on the offensive side of the ball, they're going to do the opposite. They're going to grow that offense and they're going to become more explosive. So they're playing to win the game. That's the difference of the Patriots and herbals. A lot of these guys are playing to be really good on one side of the ball the other. The Patriots every single week or putting the best plan together to try to win the game. Okay, final thought here, you got a name for us regarding the draft because we were already starting to hear like, okay, you know, depending on who needs quarterbacks, you usually like 5 or 6 teams every off season. This may not be the draft for them. But you have a name that has not been brought up because I have not heard. I know who he is. It just haven't heard his name brought up a lot. Yeah, keep on looking up for Brennan Armstrong. From Virginia. He is a much better athlete than people give him credit for. So when he goes to the pre draft process, he will test very well. He's got thick joints, which a lot of these guys are looking for every time I say that. People roll their eyes, but it's a big deal. You're looking for guys that are thick jointed because it usually equates to long-term health and you can put more weight more horsepower on a kid with thick joints. Throw catalog out the Ying Yang. So when I say pro catalog, you watch college kids and one of the biggest arguments usually is, well, they just haven't made a lot of different types of throats. Can they learn them? Absolutely, but how long is it going to take to learn them? This kid's made every throw you can imagine. Every element of the passing game. They have as much volume as any team probably next to the lips and academy Mustangs. Like they believe in volume. They have a ton of volume. So he's had to learn a lot. He handles a lot. The line of scrimmage, and Bronco does a really good job of creating a professional environment at his school. So they run that thing like an NFL franchise. So he'll walk in the door and be very comfortable. I wasn't sure on his overall horsepower. That was my, and again, I didn't hadn't done a comprehensive study,.

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