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A service dog, friendly business and secondarily we believe that adopting and, enforcing a national standard around the. Training and certification of service dogs. For persons with these disorders is a key step as well and we've been excited that we've been working alongside with your team on a change dot org petition actually go live this week we're we're asking congress already, introduced? As, national standards at American humane scientific advisory. Committee helped create into one Bill on the hill were, plotting congress for doing that but we're also asking them, to make, sure that that scene national standard applies to all the bills that are currently in congress believe today there are five separate bills relating to service dogs and veterans and you know as organizations were kinda Agnostic about which one of those gets across the finish line in the next congressional session we just hope that everyone does takes. Into account the scientific advisory committee recommendations for national standard so again that petition will go. Live this week on changed Oregon's people search for the national association veterans. Serving organizations, they should find that petition later this week and they can sign it until congress that they support veterans inning access to high-quality service dogs Bravo that's wonderful. I know of the back to the the website is gonna launch deputy www service dog access dot org and of course also. Searched, for ABS oh on change dot org to find that petition is that right Chris it's right wonderful any final words are thoughts for our listeners Chris has. Been such an informative time together learn so much about what your organization does and certainly the commitment for for service dogs any, other thoughts, for our listeners yeah this has been great we're just so, grateful for the, opportunity to share the Exciting work we've been doing with American humane around a cause that we're very passionate about and. That's veteran mental health you. Know the only only caution I would have for listeners don't all a lot of the media. Or film, or movie or television for trails that every veteran. Is broken or a hero heart you, often these media. Portrayals make it look like either we're all medal of honor recipients were all suffering from PTSD in Warren stable well the reality is Abell. Curve. Guttering are. Job ready citizens who are actively serving in their communities maybe being very, productive lives, but we know that. Some still struggle with some barriers as. A, result of, their military experiences where service dies. Can help them? And? Other treatments. Can. Help them but I think it's just a? Little unfair to cast everybody is either broken, or a hero we certainly have people who suffer and those who have done amazing things. That on all give veterans a? Chance, to individuals in need. Them where they're at because they're all at different phase Of their life and, we hope by this particular. Project we're, doing you americanhumane and we can move more people, who've been exposed to combat traumas to more productive lives so we're just really excited about this initiative going into two thousand eighteen and. Grateful for our time today to be able to share. That with your listeners will. Listeners you've been sharing this time today.

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