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It was very nice of them to say that in occasionally I hear that I do, um, try to sample for for nothing. You know, everyone has an opinion and occasionally I get Um, demos submitted to me because I openly advertise it various events that look, if you if you want me to listen, your work, I'll be glad to give you one opinion but recognizes subjective business and there's just one more opinion. But I usually do it in August every year, but this year Because of the playoffs. I could not. But there are some people that use some phrases that are that are similar to what I've done, and some of them in their opening letter will say that they have been influenced by me. Well, that's That's wonderful to hear. And I think, probably in another five years. They'll say you are my early influence but yard anymore, and that will be good to hear too. How e. There's a tweet, Doc. Maybe three or four years ago that had every verb that you used to describing moving the puck. I think 153 of them. My favorites. Ladle in pitchfork, By the way, Uh, How do you come is that there's something that's natural. I mean, your your mastery of the English language vocabulary. It's stunning, especially in a sport. That moves. This fast is hockey does How did that come about? There was a man in Dayton that was broadcasting the I gel when I was a graduate student and I would go to games and I would see anybody in the press box and talk to anybody and he was the broadcaster for the Dayton team, and I said You got any tips if I'm getting into this business, and he said, if you can come up With different ways of saying the many repetitive things that happened in the course of the hockey game. That'll help like if you say the pucks dumped in from center ice if you say that every time that it is, which is 40 times a game, he'll drive people nuts. So I tried to develop that never wrote them out or anything but over a span of as many years as you mentioned, I think it's 47. You do a lot of games and you come up with different ways of saying And not all of them are originally yours. You mentioned ladled that was Pirated from Jean Hart, who I worked with in Philadelphia for a number of years. You hear other announcers Use words that become yours because they're clever ways of saying the same thing. Um, so that not all of them originated with me, but I adopted them and And it's just the way I talked. My dogs don't understand me, but hopefully most of the public uh well, the coolest thing about it wasn't just that he used a different way to describe the movement of a puck. It fit like the pit When you said pitchfork and look like you got a pitchfork to puck. On the end of the ice, and that's why it all worked. It wasn't just saying it to say it a different way with saying it cause that kind of describes what it looks like when they're moving the puck and I thought that was the coolest. Aspect of it. No green acres thing. You know, That's what itwas uh, So have you thought about like what you're gonna miss the most about about Colin Hockey games. Yeah, because I missed it this summer and I would have missed it. Even if I would have been in Toronto and admitted And that was having the opportunity to sit in the dressing room right next to a player and learn more about him. You know all we are Conduit between the players and the fans. And when you had the opportunity to sit in the dressing room, which we didn't have from the first weekend in March on, even before we stop playing games in March, there were new rules imposed that we couldn't go into the dressing room and have access to the players like we always had back through the 47 years that I've been doing this Where you could sit next to a guy and learn more about him, not statistical, not not biographical things, but about his family or about something that happened to him when he was growing up, and those were the things that you like to share. Because they weren't written in the media guide. They weren't things that people knew. It was something different that you had learned about him that you thought people would appreciate. Um You have 30 seconds left? Sure, sure. Yeah, that way. Got a minute. Here's one. Here's one that I didn't get on. It was Dallas stars and he'll be playing next year number. 12 Radic Fox in He didn't win the Stanley Cup and he was injured during the final, So I never got this story in. But the night before the Winter Classic on January 1st in Dallas, I learned of this from one of the guys in the in the clubhouse. At at the Cotton Bowl, he said. Have you heard about his childhood? And then he filled me in on some of the details, and I said his Roddick still there, He said. Yeah, he's in back. Well, can I talk to him? So he brought brought him out? And I asked him to more questions about the story. So here it is. No, it's a different culture. He grew up in the Czech Republic single mom and he was 11 and he had a real talent for playing hockey. But he had pretty much grown into the area that he Woz and his skill was better than anybody else's. But another team had seen him. They were about an hour and a half away. And so he and his mom had a family conference and The team that wanted him to come and play for them did not have a billet family, but they had a connection with the hotel. So his mom and he drove to this place. And he lived in a hotel by himself at age 11. Got himself to school, got himself to practice, got himself to the games. And he did that for four years Now, that wouldn't happen in our country, Of course, but back then it was a different time, different culture and all of that, I said. Right. I'm trying to imagine what this is like. When the door shuts and you're in this room alone and your mom's headed back home, he said. Well, the first few weeks I was really, really lonesome. But my best times were at the rink when I was with my teammates and playing so anyhow long story short he gets he goes through all these years. He winds up coming to North America. He plays hockey. He doesn't have any knowledge of English. When he gets to North America plays hockey in Canada junior hockey. Then he winds up being so good. He gets taken by the Dallas Stars, and now he's in the Stanley Cup final when he was hurt, but he signed a contract extension. Uh, last month. And I asked him what about your mommy says I talked to her all the time. Isn't had something that's amazing. That is absolutely, Doc. I very I mean, I really trust my kids and 11 years old to be in the room by themselves. Yeah. Can you imagine though, that no. What? Oh, what All he must have gone through and how long to me must have been, but It was for it was for a dream and he was and he and his mom both got through it. It's that it's pretty impressive. OK, Sorry. It was longer than a half minute. Oh, I like.

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