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Vermont Maine said Peter Avalon take that down to the ninety one but then you could take the ninety one to wherever you need to go to four or five or the the white one ten north it just depends on where you need to go but again do not get on this one ten south anywhere near the one of five you could get stuck in it and a huge back up there again taking off Rosecrans all right now also we've got a lot of activity in the support of passes Gardez's got the southern California Toyota dealer Jack of all five well let's finally clear now that's a good yourself out for fathers that such a two middle lanes were blocked for quite some time and it really just messed up this drive from just about Sherman awaits champ looks like the old days getting into the S. Porter pasaporte itself will help you down to a mall but you're gonna want to join over the freeway there southbound is jammed because of all that it is still closed between Getty center and rocket that's rules farm up operation so the best you can do is join up at all at least a four five is improving now all right and due to that commercial structure that's burning just it looks like north bracket field airport off of right Avenue west of Fairplex drive you want to stick a stick kind of clear that area and try to take Errol highway if you need to go through that area and again just north of that on the two ten east out of another secular working he's on top of the two ten this is that burned and we had brick fire there for a long time they put it out but they have the two right lanes still blocked or the backup to Irwindale the west onto tennis looking to slow getting away for the sandy was curve and extrapolated at seven twenty five more tropical force more often I'm Jennifer York at the Toyota plant or a twenty four hour traffic center can't expense of any news radio yeah a little more on the part of the burn hell's put a second alarm on to it and LA county is also providing some assistance on that for as well so as.

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