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Damn lucy russell us coming in heart with the subtle jab. They're lee mckenzie unease final furlan podcast day at night now. He's william like evacuate. He's generation bonus. Lucy you get a bonus for that. Speaking of speaking of attitude at that's fine host can do whatever they want. We can worry about voice on saturday. Speaking of value plus is just ridiculously good. I mean this is insane. Goodwood is on the way at goodwood. You will get whirlpool so world pool is where all of the major markets were talking. Hong kong japan australia america france. All of that money is being piled in for the first three days of goodwood. They don't know as much as you they don't. It's like oz betting on american racing if the three of us were to go and bet on the american racing that's on sky now that a thousand people watching apparently We just guessing it'd be completely get like we might get the dra form guy but we know but you know the british form you know the irish warm your head of the game which means with the whirlpool and all that extra gravy in there and the incentive of betting with toche where any bet that you place whether it's a win bit place bit trifecta when nele place pot. Can we go on ten percent bonus on top of your winnings with toes. I'm not talking about you doing better the tote window. I never said that. I'm not talking about you. Doing with the toes with a sportsbook. Nope they won't be an affiliate you.

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