Rurally Buller, Congo River, Dhaka discussed on Global News Podcast


Different animal from from rurally buller tell us why it's a different animal it's very different because the potential for an explosive increase in cases is now there we have more than one million inhabitants in ben decca bandanna also happens to be on the banks of the congo river the congo river connects to several surrounding countries including congobrazzaville and also to central african republic and through tributaries it connects to major cities such as chesa so this puts a whole different blends on this outbreak and and gives us increased urgency to to move very quickly into ben deca and stop this this new four si of transmission what do we know about the one case in the city so far do we know anything who it is whether come from where they picked it up yeah we know that two or three people tended a funeral embiid coral which has been one of the major site up until now of the ethnic and then they travelled after the funeral presumably the deceased was infected and then they went to bendigo so they've they've had contact with a likely case right and what measures are you taking in the city so we've already established preparing for this eventuality isolation and rudimentary case management facilities in dhaka we will now prioritize for the upcoming vaccination program and decca before anywhere else because as i said this is the big risk now to to an explosive outbreak so we're looking at a mass vaccination program for the city i say it's not a mess vaccination program in the sense of what your listeners would be used to try vaccinating everyone over geographical area this is highly targeted you take a case and you take every contact of that case and then you plug the context of those contexts and it's very targeted to that group that's most at risk and what about international travel restrictions currency measures that kind of thing or is it too soon for that so we're not recommending at this point any additional travel and trade restrictions on congo but we do know that around thirteen country.

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