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Bought the place so they just keep trying to rationalize it. Maybe the previous owners were just really paranoid about break INS and apart from the Weird fortress like security. There's really no apparent reason for the Sherman's to worry for the first couple of weeks. Everything is fine. It's quiet no disturbances but then one afternoon Terry and Gwenn or unloaded some stuff out of a truck when Terry says the Animal in the distance. Gwen thinks that it could be a wolf, but it's three times larger than any wolf they ever seen and it's walking right towards them in this strange sort of weaving pattern. The Sherman's already have some cattle in a pen nearby and Terry notices that most of them are backing away except for one curious calf that its head through the metal bars. But the wolf or whatever this animal is just ignores the cat in walks right up to Terry and Gwenn. It's got this shiny grey hair light blue eyes and it's actually not aggressive at all it so calm that it actually let's Terry Pettit and their son even asked if he can pet it. But then suddenly out of the blue, the creature takes off towards the cattle pen before the Sherman's can react, it has the cavs head in its mouth terry grabs his gun, and he shoots the creature in the torso but the bullet has zero effect two more shots in still nothing the bullet just seems to bounce off of it by the fourth shot it finally backs off and runs away seemingly unharmed. Now, Terry follows this thing tracking its footprints through the mud but after about a mile, the tracks just stop there's nowhere the creature could have gone to know creek no path nothing. It's just gone like evaporated into thin, air. At least it seems like it's gone for a while the Sherman's don't see or hear anything out of the ordinary but a few weeks later, the creature reappears gwen is coming home from work and she's getting out of her car to close the entrance gate and as she is getting back in, she sees a movement out of the corner of her eye about thirty feet away. The creature is slowly approaching the car. It walks right up to the hood and stares at Gwen through the windshield. and standing next to the creature is some kind of large black dog. There's something really off about it like it's head is too big for its body and it just seems. Kind of a natural in a wave, it's almost hard to explain. Gwen, slams down on the gas and swerves off the creatures don't follow her up to the house, but she is so spooked that she actually goes to police. She tells them what she and her family have seen and the officers say that's impossible. There are no wolves in the area and the last time of was seen in the entire state was like nineteen, twenty, nine more. Than Sixty years ago at this point later she is given pictures of different species to see if they can pin down what this thing is that she saw and Gwen identifies it as a dire wolf and I thought this was something that only existed in game of thrones. But this is a real real species. The problem is dire. Wolves have been completely extinct for ten thousand years. So the thinking is maybe she misidentified it I mean dire wolves don't look that unique. It must have been another similar looking species right at least that's what Terry and Gwenn want to think they brush this off as just a weird anomaly like all they wanna do is focus on the ranch, raised their cattle and get on with their lives but the weird occurrences just keep piling up. One day at sunset. Gwen is walking along the ridge when she feels something zoom past her head, it feels so close that she actually ducts. But when she looks up, she sees and hears nothing. Five minutes later, it happens again whatever it was felt like it had to have been pretty big but she doesn't see anything. Meanwhile Gwen and Terry are starting to realize that objects are disappearing from around the house at first is just small stuff like kitchen utensils and pants. They figure you know we're just misplacing things we've just moved in after all. It's hard to remember where things go. But at some point Terry leaves a post hole digger. I'd this is like a giant drill that looks similar to a Jackhammer, and it weighs over seventy pounds. He only leaves it alone for a few minutes to go get a wrench from his truck. But when he comes back, the digger is nowhere in sight he looks everywhere and when he finally finds it, it is hanging from a tree. Terry has no idea how it could have gotten up their heavy objects aren't just whipped up into trees at random, but then he remembers the previous owners warnings about digging. Terry and Gwenn clearly were ignoring those warnings. The Post Hole digger hanging from the tree should have been assigned that they need to listen but of course, they don't. Anytime the Sherman's do anything destructive to the land like. A trunk or moving dirt. They hear these weird machinery like noises and they feel distinct vibrations coming through the ground. But then one night Terry and Gwenn or out for a walk when they hear a distinct sound of metal on metal. And it's coming from above in the sky. At first, they see nothing up there but eventually noticed something weird a bright light sitting on the ground about one hundred yards in front of it. It looks kind of like a headlight maybe on some kind of vehicle at first. So Terry and Gwenn walk towards it but then it just lifts into the air backs away about fifty yards and touches back down. Terry Gwen keep walking but the object does the same thing again and again. then. They hear that metal on metal sound again, this time it's coming from behind that. They whirl around but there's nothing there and when they turned back towards the vehicle, it's gone. By the time winter rolls around Terry is on a mission to figure out what's going on. He spends more time outside after dark looking for anything out of the ordinary. One night, the temperature is nearly thirty below and Terry still goes out there to keep watch eventually he gets too cold and he decides to call it a night. But just as he's walking back to the house, he sees a movement out of the corner of his eye and floating just above the snow. Is A U. F. O.. Coming up the strange sightings on the ranch intensify. 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