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Just with his confidence and this technique which was also times from a loss of confidence so I don't know this I'm just reacting to what I see I think he has a chance to old because of his traits his lane because movement to be a really good corner but you know I think he's been up and down and so does the staff obviously because in the in overtime against Seattle he was not on the field or not over time I mean I was at all the last drive again right yeah he was not on the field sac ratio I think is gonna you know it's always a factor but I think in this game and if whoever puts the heat on the opposing quarterback I think's going to win the game tell us what you see when the film when you roll the film back and forth of the Viking line I I liked Brad Burry enough draft but it will I don't I'm not crazy about the red nose line so what do you see I would agree with you Larry I think that's why it's critical to get him to long yardage situations where the play action play action blue element to the task team is not a factor I don't think they were real good straight pass protection offense of line and and obviously that occurs when there were no longer yardage so that's critical in this game because I think that's where the forty Niners would have a major advantage because I don't think this group is a real good at straight drop back pass protection entry drop back by that I mean I was a cousin to be in the gun but to pass protection is still sort of straight drop back pass protection so yes I would I would agree with you on that a hundred percent there you have great Cassell who's always a wealth of information from NFL films them if them to the magic show it's always good but in the playoffs it's awesome it is really good is probably the best show football wise to watch in the plans to really break it down watch that thing last night all right we take a quick time out coming up next bright young is going to join a sees the honorary captain what a great niner career he had we'll get his thoughts on this one next on the sports leader the new Citrix.

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