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I, yeah, it was incredible run also just to make a quick addendum to my previous comment about only crying in a league of their own and dirty dancing. I also I've never been able to watch Brokeback mount without crying at the end. Like that's just I'm so happy. I didn't live name any Matt Damon movie because I was trying to think of Matt, Damon movie that would ever make someone cry. Yeah. Like I just can't watch him without dude. Will hunting can get you a little bit, but that's nice. It's more the Robin Williams when he Chris as you cry with them guys, we've come to the end here. We're going to play through guess what movie cause data describing based on having had only seen the movie trailer. Never having had her the movie, and we remember we left off with the title popping up. So here we go. You can let it play all the way through if you want. Okay. Wow. This one just through the title up right there at the beginning. So he's standing out there in the desert in his old timey hat. It's always funny when they look through binoculars and the camera frames the shot like it is the binoculars. He's investigating shouldn't have jumped that fence. I guess he's a private eye asking all of the right question. He's jumping another fence. There's romance brewing. He slapped her. He's noses cut a lot of quick cuts guys in the desert and around town in the same hat. I know this is you do? Yeah. Zing patient. It is not The English Patient holds whole, though the mummy, no older. The are you sure it's nothing. I think we've actually done The English Patient before. I think my dad has done that, but no, it's not since I just he's a private eye. They're all wearing Fedosseeva monitoring, no cousin, mostly conic line from the movie. Has the title of the movie in it. Spartacus. No. Jack Nicholson Chinatown Chinatown. Oh, he does get his nose cut at the end. You his never in a desert though. It probably just looks like the deputy does. I mean, it's a lot of like staying around where there's not water. That's true. That is. Guys, thank you for coming on and and podcast near with this. Thanks for doing the show, let it on them where to find you. If you've got anything going on, you want people to see this new vendors movie that just wrote you can check it out on, follow me on Twitter at it. On Twitter or Instagram or whatever. The new thing is, I'll be a Colonel Sklar. Thank you, and I got a movie on net flicks or think you can buy it on Netflix or buy it elsewhere called awful nice though. You, oh, and it's, you can watch it for free on food do a new platform from the wonderful studio of Sony also. So if you got a Roku or an apple TV, get that blue app and all right, I'm done. I, the coast of podcast called the local news that you can listen to wherever podcasts available that goes that with comedian. Tommy John again, comes out every Tuesday, and then you can find me on Instagram at Alex stone and then the number eleven. That's it. Thanks guys and as always pleased, give us rates interviews and subscriptions and all the podcast things do podcast you like and tell your friends about it and if you want, we do fan scripts sometimes. So if you want to write a fan script and send it to us, send us a quick three or four page script, your favorite movie and TV show you've never.

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