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Cruz made his case in the recent hearing for banning transgender students from participating in women's Sports University of Manchester study indicated that may male puberty provides a 10 to 50% physical advantage dependent on the sport. The N C double argues transgender women may compete in women's sports, but only if certain qualifications are meant. Those include testosterone suppressing treatment to be functional equivalent of a woman. Katie are introduced time 403 President Biden says Ukraine must clean up corruption before they can join the NATO alliance. Speaking at the NATO summit, Biden said Ukraine's entrance will depend on whether they meet the criteria, which he says remains to be seen. The president noted the U. S will do all it can to put Ukraine in a positive position where they can resist Russian aggression. This comes after Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky asked Biden for a clear Yes or no on joining the alliance. I'm Lisa Taylor. Biden not revealing any more details about what he plans to discuss when he meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week, Astros pitcher Lance McCullers Jr said to return to the team today are tonight rather and they host the Texas Rangers. Colours has been out for a few weeks due to right shoulder soreness. He'll be on a pitch count. The tea won't have Jake Odorizzi take over from the colors. After just a few innings game tonight will be on Ktrh Live coverage starts at seven p.m. Our next updates at 4 30 breaking information as it happened time now for America's first news with Gordon Deal I'm Eric Sharpe on NewsRadio. 7 40 ktrh. Spring is showtime all over the DMV E. And I'd bet MGM with baseball back.

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