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Slow from one fifty one right now up in the new braunfels if your head, maybe to Austin this morning expect some delays northbound thirty five at. Forty six got an accident blocking two? Left, lanes, Megan Bishop NewsRadio twelve hundred w Your Weather Channel forecast for this Wednesday cloudy skies this morning we'll make waiver mainly sunny skies this. Afternoon a high. In the upper nineties right now and cloudy skies seventy seven degrees seven oh. Two at NewsRadio twelve hundred w away I hearing this morning will. Decide, whether. Those three charter amendments driven by the firefighters union will appear on the November ballot the mayor near in Burg says, if they do. Come up for a vote. They will be defeated one hundred percent confident, when they understand, what business about They are inclined to vote no Nuremberg says the bond agencies have already warned that if they pass the city's. Bond rating will fall and, he told the Hispanic chamber that people understand that. Means less, service for higher taxes before he shot up Santa Fe high, school the gunman posted some disturbing stuff on social media now that school's about to start one San Antonio school district is making sure red flags like, that are, not missed here the northeast school district has contract contracted with third. Party to monitor sites like, Twitter and Instagram net, there is opposed to concerning or something that's, mentioned, that. Could be, considered a threat they contact our police department, and we began an immediate investigation district spokeswoman Aubrey chancellor says there is not one. Thing that will prevent. A school shooting but. They're doing everything they can reduce the odds of it happening today is the first day of school at Marjory stoneman Douglas. High school in Florida six months, and a day after seventeen people were killed, in a mass shooting. Police promised a significant presence not just at MSG but Broward County, schools in the meantime on this same day a. Status hearing is scheduled for the accused shooter nNcholas crews ahead of his trial on seventeen murder counts the court date comes. The week following release of cruises taped comments saying voices in his head urged him to burn and kill cruise faces the death penalty if convicted it's back to the drawing board for. The south San ISD in, a very low turnout election voters said no fairly. Convincingly to, a property tax increase like many urban district Sal Santa's seen, a decline in enrollment and officials hope the additional revenue could prevent the layoff of teachers and the need to cut programs well they're now saying thirty, nine confirmed dead in that bridge collapse in Italy the Italian government is pointing. The finger at the private, company that managed to, bridge Fabricate similarly from minister saying answers received so far, on not good enough the operator says ongoing upgrade. Works. Were being monitored and supervised constantly Christine hall quiz prominent Vermont business leader for decades. Last, night won the democratic nomination for governor making her the. First transgender individual. Nominated for a governor's post in the US and I'm so honored to be wreck The tippy tired of this well to. Be part of this Restorick a moment I guess elsewhere in yesterday's primaries Democratic National Committee. Vice chair Keith Ellison was. Nominated for Minnesota attorney general despite a series allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him by a former girlfriend well the White House is not able to guarantee that there is no recording a president or candidate Donald Trump using racial slurs I can't guarantee anything. That I can tell you that the president addressed this question directly I can tell you that I've never heard, it Omarosa manigault Newman is facing legal action from Donald. Trump's presidential campaign alleging she breached a nondisclosure agreement that she signed. With the campaign in two thousand sixteen and leaked experts and impress. Interviews for the, release of tell all book unhinged the reality TV. Star is questioned, Trump's mental, fitness and allege the existence of recordings of Trump using racial epithets including the n. word Trump has denied it tweeting Monday I don't have that. Word in my vocabulary and never have She made it up a woman answered a knock at the door at her nor side apartment early today and was confronted by a man who started slashing her face. It Abbott Hebron USAA boulevard police think it stems from an argument between the victim and a boyfriend she was, rushed to the hospital in serious condition the killer of. John Lennon is facing a new parole hearing later this morning It's a gathering in central park strawberry fields calling on a state parole board to deny the release of Mark David Chapman next week the sixty three year old has spent, thirty eight years in an upstate New York prison for fatally gunning down John Lennon in front. Of his New York City apartment building in December nineteen eighty Chapman's been. Denied parole at least every two, years over the, past nearly two decades the last time in two thousand sixteen when the board shot down his release because of the premeditated and celebrity seeking nature of the crime. Despite their growth there's a, lot that needs. To happen for San Antonio and Austin to become one metro area here's w is Jim Foreside with our in focus series be coming joint metropolitan area starts according to Timothy, Bray of, UT Dallas, when officials start thinking themselves as one unit beginning to tackle complex issues. From a regional perspective hand that thinking has already. Begun in the most important need this region has today transportation we're having to Appeals work together ours. Here and in Kevin wall fronts the payer county agency tasked with coming up with transportation projects and they have a big. London the, works expanding thirty five by four lanes for one hundred and twenty miles between Austin here in San Antonio but that cooperation effort will have to go beyond roads to key issues involving military water education and the advantage will be bringing that stronger base to bear for obtaining funding for those projects we have conceptual plans in place now it's matter of finding the money for it and like the Metroplex also includes places like grand prairie, and Plato said Marcus new braunfels even Bernie in Georgetown we'll have to become part of this. New regionalism huge barriers exist of course we'll discuss that tomorrow as in..

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