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Hospital seventeen year old girl who was shot in the arm chest and ankle and a nineteen year old male who was shot in the leg both of those victims are stably eighteen year old has been identified as J. agreement Beeman of police are looking for the shooters in the case of a white white getaway cars well that may be a Chrysler three hundred total police are looking into a possible connection between the shooting death of a mother of three and they shoot out that left a firefighter wounded earlier this month the latest shooting happened Monday night when Stephanie Brooks was shot and killed while trying to fend off a masked gunman from entering an apartment in the forty four hundred block of north Francisco the first incident happened February second when rival gangs began shooting at each other after a car was set on fire outside a building in the thirty four hundred block of west Wilson firefighter responding to the fire was shot and wounded after getting caught in the crossfire investigators believe Brooks shooting may have been retaliation for the earlier shoot out to educators fired by Lincoln high school last month are now suing Chicago public schools for defamation and denial of due process here's WGN's Vic Vaughn John to it Michelle Brumfield filed the lawsuit jointly in federal court late Tuesday it names the school district and several district officials including CEO Janice Jackson to it Brumfield were interim and assistant principal at L. P. high school they were abruptly fired January thirty first during a leadership shake up the suit seeks damages as well as removal from the districts do not hire list Vic Vaughn WGN news senator Elizabeth Warren is reiterating her promise to bring troops home from the Middle East if elected president but Mike Bloomberg disagrees saying troops need to remain there to fight terrorism they were among seven candidates sparring in South Carolina last night ahead of Saturday's primary Warren took aim at Bloomberg who touted his experience as New York City mayor and he is the only one on this stage who has not released his taxes I have been training for this job since I stepped on the pile that was still smoldering on nine eleven former south bend mayor Pete Buttigieg's targeted Bernie Sanders and said Sanders plans for things like Medicare for all don't add up it adds up to four more years of Donald Trump Kevin McCarthy is speaker of the house and the inability to get the Senate into democratic hands the time has come for us to stop acting like the presidency is the only office the matters not only is this a way to get Donald Trump elected also the last debate before fourteen states voted next week's super Tuesday primaries now with WGN neighborhood news here's Kim Gordon if you're looking for a new place to have dinner you may want to.

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