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He says in one day great fun field comport pies and rice pudding Wayne Walker at the L._C._d.. Elsie wwl's marathon in Tembe twenty four hour. Did this event three years ago three thirty six to twelve minutes off. That's time on a hit email. The Tembe Tembe L._Z._W.'s long course weekend of course eighteen minutes. John Simpson Monaco's marathon in two fifty eight fifty three. I sub three says John After missing by eight. Take seconds last year well done John runner-up Brad Gartrell the Goa coast marathon two fifty eight forty just sneaking ahead of John Simpson Brad says I maratha jumped on a three hour bus perfect affects the way Pacers did offensive pattern sub three well done but Chris free land the Mad Marathan in Whitefield Vermont into fifty five twenty six marathon. He Says S. claims to be the world's most beautiful marathon. He says this was probably the hardest marathon I've run to date. There really isn't any way to one hundred percent to prepare for race like this. When you leave at sea level? There's two thousand one hundred plus feet of elevation changes makes the body feel some kind of way. He says Nice on the women's potent two inches this week Karen prowse the Gulf coast marathon than four hundred thousand nine five inspired by Brian Williams. I tell you what he's getting everywhere. These days I took to the streets of the Gold Coast to run my first of American after complete soaking on the start line there was reprieved the federal weather and the Sun Mary's come out absolutely over the uh-huh four hours and thirteen minutes fantastic engine growl at Saint Magnus Marathon in orkney three thirty seven seventeen is such fantastic event well organized and friendly almost almost unknown also most accurate markers of course Mugabe of done fantastic family support hallway round which really helps in tough conditions three minutes Loma P._b.. which would have been happy with set for a second female boots on a large glass trophy and a bottle of GIN which I guess I'm GonNa have to drink now goodie bag and metal to the best thing circuit local budgies plus free booze vouchers so gene and booze thoroughly recommend making the trip to the U._K.'s northern most.

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