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And then over the years white people love her and how she sustained is because she's grown with the times, you know, some characters stay very classic. But she's like grown like people like, wow. Like in some of the games that you see like her becoming her own woman in her own power and kicking ass by herself. And like, I just think it's something people aspire to go. Well, she started out as this meek little, you know, wilting. Flower beside joker. And now she's doing things by herself and kicking ass all on her own. It's like, wow, people like blown away by her power. And she so powerful like you're just drawn to her and everybody sees something in themselves from her nothing people are all psychopaths. But. Definitely see. Well, I've put up with some crab in my life that I shouldn't have. And I still love that guy or whatever it is. That you go she's so devoted, and but also she's so cute, and that's part of it to her design is so cute. It is a reason people 'cause play her people don't always 'cause play TIMMY Turner, if they're not hot really naked cost. Too sexy to me. Let's see I'm gonna look for that. I did want to say this was an interview from Bruce Timm in Vanity Fair in two thousand sixteen he said, we didn't want to give joker girlfriend because it humanizes him. We are really trying to stress how bizarre and creepy. He could be and this is from Paul Dini complex. I was writing the script for the Batman animated series. When I was coming up with an idea for the jokers gang of henchmen. I thought I'd like to put a female character in there. I was going back and forth in my head about what kind of character. She should be. What if she's funny? What if there's a bit of a throwback to the henchmen from Batman in the sixties? What if she gets laughs from the henchman sometimes when the joker doesn't? That's what I really love about her. Is that like you said she moves honestly from being a follower to a leader? Yeah. She went from she appeared in a suicide squad in the new fifty two that was in twenty eleven the new fifty two was when DC came through. And kinda just we did a lot of their lines. And then she ended up in rebirth. Having her own comic Harley Quinn comic. And she's also. Gotham city sirens. And she's like one of the only sustainable comic heroes that didn't start as a comic yet. You know? And now all her comics are huge in the the bigger book. Ones are awesome. I mean, I bought them all. I've read them all yet. But as soon as I did killing joke, I had to buy everything that was like that too. That. Yeah. Yeah. It's so funny about it too. Is a Harley is kind of similar in joker in the sense. That joker was supposed to just be a villain of the week. And somehow he called me out. And then, you know, same thing for Harley she was going to be just this character who popped on. And she just was so amazing that I yeah, there's there's something I think about her that is just so infectious where you just love seeing her. And I think it is just in a way where I find that, you know, joker. Like, he is funny. But he's funny in a creepy way. Like, it's very dark, and you don't really trust his last where Harley seems like she's having fun. You know, you're what you're doing bad. But she's also a train wreck which is always fun to watch. What is that girl? Going to do next. Right. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Terry. I wanted to actually quote, you because we have this in here from that Vanity Fair article where you said feminism is about showing women as fully fleshed out human beings. And that's what Harley is she doesn't make choices that are smart or good for woman, but she gets to make those choices men are allowed to be Upson all kinds of characters and women. Aren't we have to be idolized? She gets to not be good quote. Our producer put that in there. He was like well because he pulled a lot of the research. He was like he texted us yesterday. And was like, wow. A lot of these quotes are from Tara..

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