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Enjoyable when you're cooking. And developing these recipes, you know, you want it to all come from a place of love and for us. It was just a lot of stress. I guess we put a lot of love and work into the recipes that we created, but we were under such tight deadlines that it was like we had to really push through it. And I think like if we were to do it again. We would definitely yeah. We would definitely space it out just to a home process more enjoyable because it was so stressful. And it was just like we were doing a million things at once. Okay. And you know, one of the things that have always out I've no experience with this. But I just always assumed about recipe books. It's like, how do you you have to go back for some of your favorite recipes and figure out the measurements. Because I know a lot of us who like we have our favorites, which is at this point just can eyeball. Right. Right. So that's one of the things I always wondered like man, you really have to sit down and figure out that precise everything so put into this. And yeah, that's why. A lot of work. So I personally if I'm doing a recipe for food heaven, or for cookbook, maybe the first time I'm just kinda like playing around with a deals, but then once I'm like really like series about it. I just have my laptop out and I kinda right? As I go because I don't do that. Then it would be like when he said, it would it would be a nightmare like not even not enjoy a dribble. It will be a nightmare because it's like, okay. What did I do at our ember? But if I'm just going to doing it as I go it's a little bit easier. But it also think it's important to have people to taste task the the recipes. So I know per Wendy like she had all brands of family for me. I would have like my mom there was one weekend where I did a bunch of recipes in had my mom didn't her house because at that time I was living in two hundred square foot studio with a like a mini kitchen. So it was kinda hard to do all these recipes. But I went to my mom's house, I did a budget had her taste them. And she would give honesty back like, oh, it's not. Enough for the healthy enough. She has a really like her pallet is a little different or I would have my like now has been then I think wiper interferon say like he would have all the rest easy. Give me his honesty back is while so yeah, I think it's just kind of figuring out process it really works for you. But it is a lot of work. Yes. No, let's get into months Asian. So we touched on it a little bit. We talked about how you know somethings are just for brand building. And as a fellow podcast. I know for me coming into this world. There's a lot I had to like dig and learn on my own and just through trial and error figure things out. How did you tackle monetization and working with brands and figuring out what to charge?.

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