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That is convalence of jets radio and we are joined right now by one of the nicest people that i've met in the biz as a former nfl official later the vice president of officiating for the national football league a man who has a great book out from last year it's still worth abide still where the real love it after further review my life including the infamous controversial unforgettable calls that change the nfl mike parreira what's up my parreira malcolm bill rider hour you would probably good to talk to you it's good at our view and the title of your book infamous conversion unforgettable calls you might have to have an addendum for the one of the jet i need to put another chapter and packer my native e r let's start with this the the austin severe and jenkins gall did you see mike pereira did they get it right or wrong when we got a wrong i mean you you know we're crew day looking at this quarry trying to find some bring that was clear and obvious that could lead to a reversal and we don't fear am i make it pretty fascinating when the people that are looking member of the guy that would make them at the food why you're being blaring dino armagard it were partly involved in making the liberal or be mary you're not being that we can bind rare you know you clear to overturn a one per year clear you didn't move the ball arming you could see the ball come out of ham grim but then he goes up here it you but you get back your food kripo left rear the first thing that kirch in torture in barone um and it seemed he maintained control when he hit the ground because once you do lose control like you dear amaldo would come like a path when you hit the ground you have to assert fire quick ground and if the ball comes out there you do not have progressed you put it didn't happen you roll over with football arum no kony karenni amir your own pool report goodwill the ball new well i mean the ball not.

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