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The Covid outbreak is so severe in Cowlitz County that the coroner has asked for an emergency declaration so he can bring in a refrigeration trailer for the bodies. The story from Camoes, Greg Herschel, Coroner Tim Davidson told the county commission. He's running out of storage space, and he needs to expand capacity until the new morgue opens in about a month and the long view daily News reports. Funeral homes are also maxed out. College County confirmed 229 new covid cases over the three day weekend, But those numbers are incomplete and they could be revised upward. Statewide. The number of patients on ventilators is up 34% over last week. Greg Herschel Co Mo News. Someone who's time 11 36 and this week's expiration of federal pandemic unemployment benefits has local business owners, hoping it will solve their staffing shortage problems. Almost Suzanne Fawn with a closer look right now, The Washington hospitality industry is still short about 54,000 workers. For months, businesses have struggled to bring staffing back up to full capacity. However, things are changing. The pineapple hospitality company runs the Max Hotel in Seattle's Queen and neighborhood, and we definitely seen a significant uptick in the last 30 days in applicants for open positions. I think a lot of people have already gotten the ball rolling, realizing that this deadline was looming. And again, That's Cuomo. Suzanne Fawn, the voice You last heard Michael Hirsh Lou, who runs that company about 200,000 people in the state, still relying on those emergency benefits When that happened on Monday, the state attorneys general Attorney General's office has a rented based debt collector has agreed to pay more than $1.6 million. The A G's office accused the collection agency called Convergent. Was sending out letters containing settlement offers to settle debts, including student loans, but failed to disclose they could not enforce the debt in court. The A G s office is about 1400 people who sent money to convert it will get that money back. Plus interest most Holly Menino, Amazon has had a banner year, but legislation being pushed by Congress could change the way Big Tech does. Business Here is almost Kelly Bleier, Democratic Washington Congresswoman from Illa J. Paul wants to level the playing field when it comes to big tech. She is pushing legislation that would force companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple to sell lines of business deemed a conflict of interest, she told Geek wires. Podcast Big Tech has a monopoly. Then what happens is you concentrate all of the power with just a couple of companies, big tech companies and you disadvantage small businesses. The legislation would prevent Amazon from running its own marketplace and also selling their own products on it. Amazon has argued regulation of their popular platform would hurt consumers and small businesses. Kelly Bleier Com O news, There's major congestion at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma. Right now, shipping containers are waiting to be hauled away, and cargo ships are waiting to unload their containers, port officials say. Yesterday alone up to 4000 containers were anchored between Tacoma and Seattle. John Wolfe, CEO of the Northwest Seaport Alliance of Partnership between the Tacoma and Seattle ports, and says at the center of this bottle like off the charts, consumer spending a total.

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