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Down this sound better than the the whole album unlock. The trial will just so basic every terrorism although blown my mind Charon head of fucking top five. Yeah Oh sorry go ahead so immediately after that is Alicia Amnesia which is like exactly exactly what I want from this era of rock like exactly like the the verses are just like I've never I heard the song before but they're still nostalgic for me and then the way he just hits those vocal harmonies on the chorus and then it has the like the production at the end. Like it's just the course again. But then it goes into like almost like a Conga drums situation and then there's like some sense happening in the background and I just I really really tailgate. I sent it to my sister-in-law at like midnight. Last night she loved it like I just. It's just really really liked that song. I've listened to it like eight times this week. Okay so I'm definitely would fight you a little bit on putting this one quite mild head. So what would you Lupu. I would probably put waters. Oh Wow okay I the senator we could talk about letters okay. Let's let's talk a little more about left. So what are your takeaways of this. I feel like the the rise and fall of Butch Walker and the let's go. Tonight's is just like the evolution from left of self centered and I like it better on. It's like very similar in my mind. yeah just how it makes me feel an listening to so I think that lots of south center just it didn't hit that bar that the other one did but of course like suburbia onerous younger was like my jail. I was like someone under Strahan's the hands in my way is funny like that. Sounds like something my mom would listen to you now and I think I think this is one of those long. She likes from budge. Hello I'm surprised I liked it so much when I was younger but yeah I think many same thing like I like it but the I don't know it's not my favorite. It's again I still have such even though I kind of realized this week. That far away from close is basically a rewrite of Fuckin- jaded by aerosmith one. Can you turn on the flip side a little less sixteen candles a little more touch me by follow. Boy is basically just a rewrite of my way. Like pretty. Don't like pretty close. It's not subtle and then they just for the course of that. They just took the bridge from comfortably numb. I also take time to focus on together. And then he heard it cure lovey produce. I also really cringe at Rockville power. I can I mean I don't.

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