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Make sure you put your dress up put on. I'm wearing earrings today. As a matter of fact white White ABALONE SHELL. Eary's think they're really pretty. They have a sort of a around per lesson. I feel like I need some heaven luck and so here. I am wearing my jewelry. I wear a watch. Where rings I wear. I wear earrings every single day. So really good for You know boosting our energy and bringing positively to us now. Let's talk about necklaces? Because these are power packed I love necklaces and I love big necklaces and as a writer and speaker. It's something that I really pay close attention to in. It's so important because it is accentuating your your throat your face and your head and this is the part of you that receives recognition recognition is so important in function. Why it's the roundabout way of money. So you can wear things do things for money and that's fine but it's really important that you looked to get recognize and wearing a necklace is a great way to do that because when you are recognized that means that someone will think of you. They'll point you out. They'll say oh you know. Carol is the perfect person for this job They will say I know I wanNA talk to Carol about such and such and they'll think of you that recognition aspect is really important so we're beautiful necklaces especially when you have something important to say. You're giving a talk anything that you're are you feel like you need to kind of Raise your your notice at work. You want to get more attention. A beautiful necklace. Necklace is a gorgeous frame is like a gorgeous frame around a painting it calls attention to. What's inside the frame while complementing the the painting at the same time? So when you find that you're lacking in recognition and notice at work where a beautiful necklace to draw positive attention eh recognition One of the things that that Kinda jumps off the page for me right now is The Deborah burks. Who's on the Corona Task Force here in the United States? And she's often speaking about the virus and she's an Works with Viruses all over the world and As a specialist in this and one of the things that you cannot not miss her because she when she's on stage at the White House and and in the press room or on Press. She wears a different scarf every single day. And that scarf like a beautiful necklace calls attention to her. It says listen to what I'm saying. Pay attention to me because I'm important and I have valuable information to impart so think about that when you're wearing a necklace and you want to make an impression you want someone to notice you. It will call that attention and recognition to you and help. Kinda raise your profile as well especially important for anybody at work right now with jobs being tentative and worrisome it can be very valuable to have a beautiful piece of jewelry or necklace or scarf around your neck to bring attention to what you're saying and your authority knows talk about another aspect of functions. I am that are functional. Jewelry is that it's protective so just like we can use functional to protect our homes..

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