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Yeah. So the initial consensus among the ice Mark community was that the name should not pose a high risk of the phenomenon being perceived as sexual and so because of that consensus Jennifer Allen propose autonomous since Meridian response. Alan shows the words intending or Suming them to have the following specific meaning autonomous spontaneous self-governing or with or without couldn't troll. Sensory pertain to the senses. Of course, the Meridian signifying peak climax or highest point of development in response, referring to the experienced triggered by something. External internal then Allen went ahead in verified in two thousand sixteen in view that she purposely selected these terms because they're more objective comfortable in clinical than alternative terms for the sensation. And Allen explain that she selected the word Meridian to replace the word orgasm due to its means. The point of period, greatest prosperity. So that's great the term autonomous sensory, Meridian response and its acronym. As Amar were both adopted by the community. And it seemed like everyone else commenting on this Manama. Yeah. So if we were to go back to the actual history of trying to track down, maybe where it started the contemporary history of AS Amar began on October nineteenth two thousand seven when a twenty one year old registered user of discussion forum for health related subjects at a website called steady health with these her name. Okay. Whatever submitted a post in which they described having experienced a specific sensation since childhood comparable to the stimulated by tracing fingers along the skin remember used to do that. When like they would spell, the alphabet or something on your back. You had to guess what letter it was or the kraken a on your head. And let's drip down. There actually are a bunch of videos that have something similar with running their fingers down their scalp. So. Yet often triggered by seemingly random and unrelated non haptic events such as watching a puppet show or being read a story. So essentially something like that being read a story is having a reaction in someone replies. To this post which indicated that a significant number of others experiences in sation as well. They also talked about having a response to witnessing mundane events, and that is a lot of AS mar videos, it's like eating a sandwich mundane event, you know, doing your nails brushing your hair, like those are all everyday events that people are having. But when you use these microphones that are picking it up to the level that it is that you can hear every sound in every mouth sound people are having a reaction in their body. And or they just find it relaxing, and or sexual, but if we wanted to go further back all she writer Clemens J set suggested that a passage from the novel, MRs dalloway authored by Virginia Woolf, which was published in nineteen twenty five describe something kind of. Comparable in the passage from MRs dalloway that sets is referring to a nurse. Maid speaks to a man who is your patient in deeply softly like mellow organ, but with a roughness voice like a Grasshopper's, which rasped his spine deliciously and sent running up to his brain waves of sound this kind of sounds like a fan like some of those lemon fan fictions that I read in a middle school. Rasped his spine delicious. But yeah, no. That sounds like if I was trying to be extra when describing AMR. That's that's the words. I'd use. Yeah. According to set this citation generally alludes to the effectiveness of the human voice and soft or whispered vocal sound specifically as a trigger of AS Amar for many of those who experience it. So let's play them some eating we should play them some or. Yeah. So this is from gentle, whispering AS Amar. So you will have to we'll go ahead and play a couple of I'll make sure that. I'm relatively quiet will play you a couple of videos, and then you can turn your volume back down because I don't want to. I don't want you to have to turn it up to listen to this. And then be crushed your eardrums. So this is from gentle, whispering AS Amar. This is from twenty twelve has over twenty million views it is video called. Oh such a good three d sound AS Amar video. Do you wanna my faves? Topping found to remind me to south three. Something dan..

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