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He got dumped and the guy who got chosen already had a girlfriend right so process like is maybe questionable and Kelly's allowed to question it. I'm glad you brought this up. Because he keeps saying over and over again. This process works. I know does I've seen it work. Peter What have you seen at work. You're single right now. It was an absolute disaster season. It only worked for Colton. Because he jumped the fence for Ari. He made the wrong choice back on it. Nick is broken up pigewoman. Ben Is broken up with his Lynn. For Souls in Whitney like no one even remembers that Whitney existed like how does he know this process were draws us might have flaws is he a sixers talking about. I mentioned almost every week. But it's because Peter benches constantly the process like is it because because it's related to his aviation like sense of process and he's just like harps on this process will work over and over again and I don't really get why that's so important or like how he got that idea. Did someone say to him. It's a process. It works I I mean I assume that this is sort of producer Sir Fed thing and I think like they're happy to have him promoting delake validity of the bachelors. Like love making process list. But I don't know why he actually believes it and I don't know why he takes a fence that someone is like. Hey I just WanNa talk this out a little bit. I know and also just want some genuine time without having like fight among other women maybe tallies not suited for the bachelor. That might be the lawyer she she also says she's really mature for her age. There's no evidence and that's not really I mean she's more mature than she seemingly more mature than some of the women seen. She hasn't trashed anyone at all in. Actually I really like Hanna An. But if you're looking for her could you be interested in me when I thought that was an I have seen them sort of like hanging out together like in some of the shots so next each other on the couch and like that's a really valid point like if he is interested in had an why would he be interested in Kelly. There seem quite different different. Yeah I like really not the two women that Peter is not in on the two had drama this week Kelly and Kelsey. I'm like I'm big time into them. Now I like Kelly way more I also feel like she looks more comfortable on on camera. Maranhao something about her. I think I fully converted as well after this. I was on your side completely during this conversation. He's obviously out on her even though she got the rose like there's no way she's going to go much. I don't think so no. This was week five. weirdly episode. Sex is on Wednesday. Why was this episode three hours? But would you have caught. Because it was I felt really liked me I think we probably could have expedited the Kelsey. Tammy stuff like could've just been streamline a little bit more particularly we didn't get any footage of what actually happened a little annoyed that I understand why they do it as a production strategy it causes drama. The pill came out of nowhere nowhere like where did that come Hambro John. Yeah I don't know and I would have liked to have seen more of a build up to people talking about CALC- having some kind of drug or and or alcohol problem album because it just seems like straight up slander which obviously they went to great great lengths to disavow or use this week. But if they're going to put that Out there then there needs to be a little bit more profound Dacian of it and and also we haven't really seen Kelsey crying like for the Most Part Calcio getting pretty good at it where she handled the news about Atalaya really well. She bounced back from the Champagne and as far as we know we didn't know she was crying for four days and it just like it came out of nowhere and then it was just so much bickering. Greg and I have a hard time focusing through all the bickering. I stopped listening. Yeah I mean I think like seventy five percent of the cast look really bad in this episode. Super Messy. Yeah you're just like I don't really care about these people because they're not that nice a lot of people's and then even after I mean like Tammy calling Kelsey Crazy that's bad and then there's a scene of Victoria Paean Sydney calling tammy crazy. Yeah that's bad sailing. Everyone is bad. Sumida told her really heartbreaking story. And that's one place where you made. Yeah I think they extended it because they didn't want to dwell on it for too long but needed to the extent of the episode to be able to include lead Sydney's date which is otherwise tragic but boring and also just Sydney and Peter Ra Ra road and helicopter took in the of Costa Rica. Rough weeks have a tough time and coming off of the Kobe Bryant death it was very sad. It's just like watching. That made me nervous too. And they're like let's get closer to the to the volcano yeah. It was really uncomfortable. Art and then Sydney tells a really tragic story about being biracial and living in the south severely bullied earlier bullied. And just like Nick Ostracize her whole life and it was really sad and like Peter does not have the skills to react to that kind of thing but he's not rude but he sort of like has like this like horrified stare her. Yeah and then he's just like I'm so sorry dealt with that and then they kiss which is nice he tries. I mean what are you going to do. But it's kind of insufficient. But he. I mean he did try but like it's it's not enough but I think they extended this episode probably also had an extra hour on ABC. But there's a lot of little staff. They probably wanted to get in that they otherwise would not be able to show as much of the Tammy fight and that's clearly become like a big part of the season now yeah and Kelsey is the clearest lightning rod I guess yeah I I mean she is good. TV She really has. I want what Peter the Sports Fan last night was the royal. Yeah Peter went to the Super Bowl so many bachelor people went by the Tyler. Is there stop by the Ringer booth. radio row tyler clay harbor was their former NFL player. You're okay I think some other people are Jake. Jake Jason and Blake were. They're nice there seems to be back on as a best friend. Jason this wall. He likes yes. It's kind of disturbing and he also has like a full moustache. Oh Man I haven't seen Jason a bit like a full transformation. Jason I see you. Oh I see what you're doing Peter went to the broth is brother Jack. And they are just like obsessed with the seahawks and and they both wore sea hawks close to the chiefs versus forty niners super bowl. I understand the forty niners and the seahawks are like enemies. It's like maybe they were doing it as a protest of the forty niners but Peter. There's a video of them. Doing the new edition dance still and like lot- like lying in confetti and like trying to like he I think he said like make seahawks will happen next year and it is just super duper lay on cares it. It suggests to me that he doesn't have a real understanding. Standing football coach. Like how the Super Bowl works. It's just lame this is like knowing. It's like cool man. I just don't think he's a real sports fan. I thought it before and I continue. Can you think it and I feel like he proved it last night by insisting on being like seahawks guy so you are fully against someone repping their team at the Super Bowl at a different teams at the Subaru. It's like you're there for the party. Are there for your own team and nothing in between and so I think he should have just gone like neutral drawl. I just wear blue or something then like just have fun but he just was so ostentatious being a seahawks fan time this kind of like loser behavior teams involvement involvements. Just be quiet yeah. It's kind of explicable today and just made. It seem really lame I. We've reached the point in the season where I hit the bachelor. Let's let's just be honest about it. I was way to you. I didn't always hate him but now I just find him like incapable of having a real connection and immature and Dan just like so bad at this but not an particularly entertaining way. Sometimes it has entertaining entertaining. after-effects I guess But most of the time it's just frustrating to be like being guided by this man who has no guiding principles. Yeah Ah what's ever going to happen. I can't believe any decision that is made because he I don't think he believes in any of the decisions so that's just like toughest viewer. It seems like he has to build himself up a south up and that's why he was so rude takes. Kelly is because he's coming the other drama he needed to like prove to himself elephant that he can have a spine and he's so embarrassed by his own babe. You're so far that he's over correcting essentially. Yeah it'd be more. He's going to be more convicted in his decisions from now now he claims so he says so he says I mean who's to say that it's actually going to happen. I don't know I don't believe it. I definitely believe it and it still seems like next week. There's a lot of making taking out various woman. It's hard to tell from the from the trailer or next next week. It's on Wednesday as Chris Harris and so deliberately said in in the scenes for next time. And it's like Sidney and Victoria F have the same hair like when when you can't see their face basically. Yeah it's hard to tell a lot of these gals part is true. I think in terms of Peter. You're making out with everyone he just. I don't think he understands how his actions affect people even giving Kelsey arose to bring back back. He's like don't worry about the other girls. Well it's going to cause a problem so even if you shouldn't worry like she needs to work. I know because people get upset about these things. I I think that all the women who got a lot of screen time we'll very soon fade away and it will just be and and Addison and like I guess he's into calcium and who else I I don't even know. I think he isn't Victoria P because he's slow to understand that she's really manipulative. Hey Tori APP. She's pretty hot. She's definitely the hottest one Batory F. and Victoria F is really good at like playing this like Lake Damsel in distress thing. where she's like? I'm so nervous about everything you need to be my rock. Yeah and he's happy to do that. Totally he'd feels power he wants to be wanted wanted yet. He wants to be needed. And I guess that's good for the being the bachelor but it's super cringing to to wash and take all of it can't handle it I just sort of. I'm just bombed that Tammy to be out on her now. Yeah herself somehow. This is tough to come back from. It's GonNa take like it's GonNa take probably another episode and then probably a good stint on paradise for me to forgive her. I have a feeling they'll have a really messy confrontation women. Tell all y'all my God. It's so true because this is the kind of thing they'll definitely relitigate in a real. She said she said situation she. She's not really WanNa back down either either no neither of them on his double down in fact she's like I. I've been wrong tear. It's not my fault that Kelsey is the one with alcohol drug problem. It's it's it's really not grace ruin messy. I guess we'll continue to revisit it next week on Wednesday. I'm really happy that they had the ceremony at the end though cycle your yeah I love the format. Honestly that's probably another reason why they did three hours. This episode was to get back on this cycles. I'm good with with that me too. I liked the format because now we know what we're getting day classic two hour episode on that note we will do another bachelor episode on Wednesday night in Banner Vanterpool come on Thursday or Friday Andrew thank you so much for joining me today at of course thank you to state farm. Rossi's Bud Light Seltzer and of course crate and barrel.

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