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And you know, when the Giants won three world Syria's there were times where you could look at that Dodger roster and say this roster is pretty damn good. You know what I mean? The Dodgers have had their run a little bit before they were getting eliminated by the Phillies and 08 No. Nine and well, I guess and they eliminated by the Phillies at one of those years. The Matt stairs years here I'm thinking about, but I don't know that you could look at it like that. At some point. I keep expecting at some point the Dodgers to run out of money, but it was like that happening any time soon. Like their budget keeps going up and up and up there. They're talking about trading for Nolan Arenado. Just keep my fingers crossed. That does not happen. If that happens, I mean, Boy, If that happens, we're looking around. Kind of like like the NBA world looked at the Warriors when we got Kevin Durant, like Are you blanking me? Dude, is this serious that they get that they made a trade for this guy only hope is that you could get their system. But it seems like no matter what the Dodgers just have a next guy up the tab, another top prospect they could bring up so grow up and they may be looking to move Gavin locks assed part of something big like that their top Infield prospect. So one more here from far on because I think I think a lot of the focus is off. Season's gonna be on pitching. They proved they could put together a little bit of an office last year. So the idea of the rotation this year we know Logan Webb's gonna be in it. There's some guys coming back from injury. We know Johnny Cueto was back. We know Kevin Gausman's back at the top, but as far as positions three through five and the rotation for on do you have an idea about where you might go? You know, we're gonna have Tyler Beatty coming back, which were excited about. I mean, he was showing some real top of the rotation potential in free trading one point before he unfortunately got her. His reacts going well. Logan Webb's gonna have to be a guy who can eat up starts for us. And he had some growing pains this year. But, you know, on the whole also showed a lot of reasons to be excited, and you're right. I mean, beyond that, we're going to be active in the trade market creation market. Looking to solidify the rotation. I mean, it's nice to have Cueto and Gausman at the front of the rotation, but we're going to continue to be active looking. Ah, fill out our starting pitching depth chart. We probably need multiple guys to be able to get through 162 game season. Yeah, you're gonna need a didn't need pitching depth, and I think the Giants last year That was a lot of what they did. I felt like it. They're extended site and with getting guys up here, you're some of the guys who they didn't bring back to Rico. Garcia's and guys like that, But I think Tyler Anderson could still be a peace. They've just not tendered him. That contract as far as arbitration goes, but they could still reach an agreement with him here in free agency, And maybe that's That's part of their plan. They wanted to see him get healthy. Last year, they invested a little bit in him just to sort of. Ah, buy low and maybe he explodes like Kevin Gossman did. And now maybe they like to reach an agreement, But the rotation certainly gonna be a big part of this offseason. Somebody Texan here on the Cache Creek text line five window when that texture said, are the Giants better than the Dodgers at any position. $5 a second base is better than the Then the Dodgers. So Dr Center, they have sort of a rotating in field. They moved as around a bunch. That's months. He placed second for them Sometimes. Kiki Hernandez plays second for them, but I'll roll with my guy, Donnie barrels. I like Donny bats at second man. I'll take my die on his any singles in his dump. Donny, this guy does his hit man. I'm glad to bring him back, and I'm glad that they've David least tender to may, a contract so that they can reach in arbitration agreement. Either on January 15th or sometime before that, So anyway, good little baseball talk this morning. I got my fix it. I told you I was. I was jonesing for it. I had a cold sweat going. I have the shakes going a little bit like I need some some baseball talk, and we got a giant. We got it in this morning. So on the other side will make the connection with Murph and Mac And I'm sure rest of the week will be football talk starting tomorrow, But it was fun getting it a little baseball. So you're listening to K NPR came here from San Francisco. These sports leader Morphin, actually me on the other side on In the leadoff spot of the sports later you're smart speaker is a radio here. The leadoff spot with Adam Copeland at home. Just say to your apple pot flake a NPR.

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