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One two six seven. Are we just really really really bad at driving in Cincinnati. Is that what this is? We've got a few stories going on. I bring this up because later this week allegedly. We may get our first significant snowfall. And of course, you know, all bets are off. Then we just we simply cease to exist when there's snow on the ground this too in light of the tragedy that happened on Friday night and Coleraine rain where he police officer. Del woods was investigating a rain. So cracks is you know, we had crazy amounts of rain over the weekend and early part of the weekend and vehicle crash in a poll. He was struck by a pickup truck tonight at seven o'clock and call rain township. I was texting back and forth chief chief Danny on this. And they're having a little bit of a vigil for officer woods in his family to. So of course. And I know I speak for everyone listening that the officer and the chlorine. Police department are in our thoughts and prayers at this time because you know, it's one thing to be out there in in driving around. But when you're jobs to get out in investigate accidents because it's raining so much people get not paying attention or wind up losing control because of the weather and this guys out there in trying to do his job. And then he then to becomes a statistic. It's it's it's sobering. And frightening at the same time. But as we speak right now in Cincinnati city council chambers. They're having a debate in a hearing over Weiss Cincinnati streets are the most dangerous in Ohio, and I'm looking at data from twenty seventeen that indicates then that Cincinnati. Is number one. When it comes to accidents and just being a dangerous place to operate a motor vehicle. And not only that operator moving up, it'd be a pedestrian because in the past few months, if you think about there's a number of kids who have been hit by cars walk into school. Western hills university high school comes to mind Gaby Rodriguez was struck. Here's this young lady going to school excuse me in a crosswalk, and it struck by a car still haven't found the individuals because the driver took off last year. There was something like ten fatal accidents involving pedestrians in handling county ten which is the highest number in the last two decades and an eight and nine of those cases the pedestrian was at fault. Okay. So we have people who are not paying attention to walking eight and nine and that was not the case, obviously with Gabriella Rodriguez. Here's a kid going to school and INA crosswalk in struck. Anyway. But an eight of nine fatal the pedestrian was at fault. So one of my say, all right. Are we just bad drivers? We not pay attention. Here's what I here's what I think's happening. And I don't know why we are. I guess leading the state in this stuff here in Cincinnati. But a number of things come to mind with me to answer the question as to why this is happening on such a a a high basis here in Cincinnati is number one is that we have. If you look from the driver's perspective here is that you have smartphones in cars now, I don't know if every accident is caused by people not paying attention, but you have smartphones and cars, you also have. And if you look at newer cars to especially it used to be here's this little radio you'd have maybe a cassette player track back in the day right turntable. If you're as old as Willie Cunningham and mess with the radio of button, whatever. Now, you have literally laptops in our touchscreens, right, which resembled tablets. You know, you get nicer cars and have like a seven or twelve inch literally a computer screen in their TV screen. Let's call it. What it is. We have heads in their tuners. Right. That have screens it can play DVD's on it. And the like, and so there's so much more distractions in the car outside of the the cell phone, which in the mobile phone gets a lot of blame. I know. We have that as well. I think the overall attitude though, is okay. Well, that doesn't answer the pedestrian. Why is why nine or ten or eight to ten of these accidents the fall of pedestrians? I think because of the nature, and I'm just kind of spitball and this year, you tell me if you agree or disagree. Is that we have become so self absorbed. In America today because of society because of technology, and I think both these two things are linked is it maybe have somebody on the phone in a car, maybe someone on a smartphone as a pedestrian, but largely we do think the world revolves around us around me, and you now you may not think then caring about other people. I know I am. I'm sure you are too as well. But we tend to be rather self absorbed. And I think there's a lot of people on the roads and a lot of people in life who think the world simply revolves around them. And I think that number has grown. There's always end people like that. But I think that number has exploded because of things like social media because everyone has a brand everyone has an identity. Everyone is famous online. Everyone is told that they're special and their different in when you're fed that your entire life. I think that your overall worldview has changed that it's not necessarily about looking out for other people. But hey, you know, what people should be looking out for me to win a lot of these cases. Where you have pedestrians are crossing. How many times have you driven down the street somewhere? And I see this in Cincinnati when I'm in areas of Cincinnati, the time driving through a residential area. And it used to be when we were kids are playing and we played a lot of street hockey, a lot of baseball with tennis balls grown and football. And everything else is kids. Get the Hallo cars coming game off you move everything out of the way. Now kids to stand there. And then look at you and go as soon as we get a break in the action. We'll stop and then you can drive through we have adults that literally we'll just hang out in the middle of the street talking in some neighborhoods, not even bother get out of the way, you better slow down. Look at the guy who was beaten to death right pulled out of his car and then beaten shot when a Taba ran out in front of his car. And he wanted to hit indicate even though he had the right away. The in the dad, and the I guess the resident there would ran out immediately salted and killed the driver because the kid ran out in the street is that you know, you should you should anticipate a kid darting out a two or three year old playing. The middle of the street. It's your fault. Even though you have the right away and pedestrians are supposed to be looking out for you. We have an attitude that guess what the world should stop when I commanded. And I think it's because we're fed a diet. If you're the most important person in the world, you're somebody to everyone special, and if you if you take that and look at that online in your online profile most people think, hey, you know, what I'm on the same level as some sort of celebrity now that may be a little bit of an exaggeration and a stretch. But I think you know, what I'm saying we have become more self absorbed than ever before. And I think when you have people behind the wheel horse self absorbed combined with people who are pedestrians who are self absorbed. There's no wonder why we have these at record levels of pedestrian car accidents and Cincinnati. It doesn't surprise me at all. And I think the honest certainly is on the driver. But you know, if you're running around the streets and crossing the streets, jaywalking hanging out in the street, whatever it is. And you get hit you certainly become a statistic that we talk about here. But I think we have to look at a reason why you think car should be stopping for you. And I think the other thing compounding this thing to as I said technology, certainly factors. And if you're a driver, I can't tell you how many times you're sitting at a red light. And I was dread- left turns because I know that I'm gonna get screwed when it comes to making a left turn the lights, turn and invariably. It's always the first person second person not paying any attention whatsoever. In here. We're so polite, and so nice that we refuse to use our horns and people does there when they look it's green, and they'll go through the light turns yellow scores everyone else behind him. And then these cycles repeat it again, adding a little bit to the intensity adding a little bit. But that's an aside. I I really think I think we live in a day and age where we're narcissistic or self absorbed not necessarily out of touch, but we're more concerned about well. Looking at our device, I think between devices and our own self-absorption, our narcissism those two things are contributing to the epidemic in pedestrian car accidents. Probably. I don't know if it's the case with officer woods, but nonetheless, if you look around and just look around you how many drivers do you see out there have no business being on the road whatsoever. And I think the third leg of the stool that I'm making a number one is narcissism and smartphones or devices, but also the fact that we don't do very good job teaching people how to drive anymore. And I as I recall when I learned how to drive in probably you it was taught in school. You know, you go to when you were junior senior you go to driver's Ed class for half a period. Today, that's been cut budgets. I don't know about your school district if they still teach it by now, my kids went through and Mason, it's something you to pay for individually, but you don't even really have to do that. Right. Even pay for it because your mom and dad will teach you, well, if we now have a generation of people who are also self taught by their parents, and your parents are bad drivers, you are handing down genetically bad drivers. We don't have the impartial third party out there anymore saying, you know, what you need to work on this. Now, you're not qualified at and we just push people through the system that way used to be you would be driver's. Ed. It seemed like it went on for like six months in school where you'd be sitting in before even gotten a car. And now it's a couple of classes here AAA Joe blow's driving school and mom or dad will take at your garden. You'll take you out maybe twice in. Now. Here's your keys in. So that's why you see people who are driving the way they drive these days. And we've always had by bed reiver's, always will. But it's it's the lack of things that are thinking forced to what the rules of the road are. And then the number two, and this may talk to I guess our economy in some degree. But there's a lot of dumpy. Carson the roads to the kind of add to this as well. Many times you see somebody drive with like no lights on not even turn their lights on what's raining, which is a state law, by the way as is getting the hell out of the left lane. But those two things had seemingly never enforced to see people driving weather where it's raining or snowing out all the time dusk-to-dawn, no lights on and these are newer cars to you gotta like some of these cars have the automatic. It's turn to the automatic mode. And it will will help you out right there. So I think there's a number of factors that go into this thing. This is not just drivers. It's easy to go driver smartphones. That's it. Well, if the bulk of the accidents are the fault of pedestrian, I think it's back to the self-absorption thing. I think it's the fact that we think everything the world should begin end stop and start on our command. And it doesn't work that way. I don't want to sound like, you know, Hillary or something and say, you know, we're a brother's keeper. But you know, you drive in certainly give me looking out for the other guy. I saw all about me Osama about you. I know we have deadlines I'm as guilty as everyone else. I drive excessively fast. I try to be the safest possible I understand that. But you know, there's also some common courtesy out there too that I think is dragged drastically lacking today because all those factors five one three seven four nine seven thousand eight hundred the big one and pound seven hundred AT and T Greenhills James here on the Scots alone show. Good morning. How are.

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