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With over thirty years experience in central Indiana. He's demand for seasons. Visit Chapman heating dot com. I've bear with traffic on the fives. Follow us on Twitter at WIBC traffic. Tara Hastings wish TV meteorologist what's going on? Good morning and a little bit chewy just start off to Friday morning with temperatures in the forties. But we're gonna see mostly sunny skies this evening or this afternoon. It could be nice and breezy with highs around seventy five a few more clouds, later tonight with lows near sixty one and we're tracking to cancer some scattered showers and thunderstorms on both Saturday and Sunday with remotely cloudy skies. Saturday in isolated shower thunderstorm. Maybe on the stronger side during the afternoon, Saturday, highs around seventy eight mainly cloudy, scattered showers and thunderstorms on Sunday for Father's Day with highs around Eighty-three. We have a forecast for, whether I will get a tie or a drill for Father's Day. Oh. Miko. Kawhi the correct answer is donor. The correct answer do so I'm just better than a tie. Exactly. Because the tie reminds you that you ate too many doughnuts. They thing that's our hasty right there from wish TV. Thank you. Yeah. Today is going to be a worthwhile day. It is cool. It's only forty nine degrees right now in the American standard. Cooling weather center. We're gonna get to a high of about seventy six today. Tonight simply on the prairie Musica a Queen. It's gonna be good. Good weekend. The time of six or seven this hour on ninety three WABC is powered by fasttrack plumbing, heating.

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