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On it talking about it at the top of the hour. A federal judge in Indianapolis. Dismissed I MPD is a defendant in the wrongful death lawsuit of Dre, Shawn read. Apparently, you can only sue the city of Indianapolis Hammer, not the actual Police Department judge also dropped excessive force complaints. Against Chief Taylor. There's no Atleast. This is what the judge says there was no evidence of excessive force by officers who didn't actually fire their weapons. Nowthe lawsuit is still moving forward questioning The decisions off. Some of the other officers involved. Whether that they were acting within the scope of their employment That is the update their in the wrongful death lawsuit abrasion, Reed A lot of chatter about the grand jury getting this next month and If a verdict comes out, and let's say the verdict states that Gration. Reed had a weapon fired at the officer. The officer returned fire, and he was right to do so. And everybody you know, is acquitted from the I m p d here. Are you anticipating more riots downtown? I'm anticipating protests. I would not anticipate any more riots. Just maybe you owned a business down here. Would you put board on your windows? I would hope the local administration have learned their lesson. From the last time. I would pray that that wouldn't happen. And maybe I'm being naive here. I'm just saying Hopefully, the the the lessons off May in June in July would be would be learned. Cause if you remember when that Briana Taylor verdict came out from that grand jury, I believe it was the big red liquors and the winnerscircle over there, just across the street from us. They put board upon their windows even happened in our state, and they were getting lectures from the folks in the mayor's office, saying that this sends a bad message to the protesters. Oh, yeah. I? Yeah, I agree. I don't know I if I was a business owner down here, and I that happened. I mean, look, the wrongful death lawsuit is still moving forward, but I would hope There would be preparations in place. I would expect protests. Yes, of course, especially where it happened there. In the Northwest side been several protests outside that police precinct on the northwest side. Near where that where the shooting happened If I owned a business down here if I was wins or jewellery if I was any one of these number of places around here, five guys or Jack's doughnuts. I would board up again and I don't care what the mayor's office says. How it looks. I remember the damage and destruction of what took place previously. That's not happening to me again. No fool me once you know Shame on you for me twice. Shame on me. I'm not getting fooled again. So if I find out that the grand jury has reached their verdict, we're expecting it sometime soon. I wouldn't blame every one of these business owners for putting the boards back up, because do you have any faith at all? Yet Mayor Hawks at Boss Hogg set and the way that they're running the MPD right now they're going to Control this And this kind of goes into another legal issue we saw today. The city of Indianapolis in the I m p d. They've settled a federal lawsuit filed by the sea L. You on behalf of the protesters now late May you have some protesters who are doing their thing peacefully. And then you had some rioters who are breaking windows, damaging property in looting. What took place was the officers were using tear gas to disperse everybody. And some of the folks that were there. Just protesting peacefully were like, Hey, wait a minute. We We didn't know We were going to be tear gassed here. This is, you know, violating our right to protest. So lawsuit got filed and a long story short the changes coming to the I m p D are they must announce when they're going to issue some sort of chemical agent. And they could on Lee use it, too. Get rid of the threat of serious bodily injury, death or some sort of destruction. So that's the latest on what's happening with a lot of lawsuits involving The I m p D. So did you keep up on the story about the anonymous senior Trump Administration official who wrote that 2018 op ed in The New York Times? Remember that? I remember we respectfully we're going all over the place with it. Some people are even saying it was like pence that wrote the anonymous Op ed article in 2018, because the New York Times hype this out to be a big time, senior official Well, we now know who it is. That person's came forward and it's Miles Taylor, who? Miles Taylor, who eventually became a chief of staff to the Department of Homeland Security, working underneath of Kirsten Nielsen. But at the time of this op Ed, he wasn't even a chief of staff of the Department of Homeland Security. Barely barely. Kirsten Nielsen is much less Miles Taylor. We were promised a senior level official knives. You know what this is just like Rachel Maddow and her teasing of Trump's tax returns. I've got the tax returns tonight. This is going to blow your mind and it ended up being like one single 10 40 from 1998. This's about as the worst of build up than that. I mean, Miles Taylor is an absolute nobody with zero information. He didn't become even a chief of staff under Nielsen until after he wrote the op Ed. So The New York Times hangs off this guy's every word, and they call him a senior official would be like us, calling Ari a senior official here in Emma's communication. Ari Castle, High level executive at WNBC, right, the president put out this tweet quote. So it turns out that the wise guy promoted as an honest by The New York Times named Miles Taylor, who have never even heard of exactly was only a little known staffer as opposed to a senior administration official. He then scam. CNN lied to Anderson Cooper and got a job there. Yeah, exactly. And Chris Cuomo. His credit, called him out the other night on it. After eight out of themselves like Why should we believe anything you say so I love it..

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