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Is not good. It's coming up next self-loading morning show this jen. I'm bill keep it here so much happening karen. Actually the next time we talk about it will be rapid fire news at seven thirty where we all chime in when he would he bring it. There's a lot going on. But of course we've got itis still ravaging the south that she's a tropical storm still overland. She hit yesterday crazy state so strong so long her. I was seventeen miles wide now. I remember when katrina hit. I was working at metro in it. Hit broward miami. Dade county line as a one. And we're like shaw you know thus but it knocked down and overpass over the dolphin expressway. It was it was crazy. And then it goes on the Out into the gulf and kids then it hits a new orleans. So i'm the exact anniversary of katrina twenty nine years. I mean on the twenty ninth who was sixteen years. Yeah exactly but this thing went from a two to a four hours boom just before it hit land. Renew us a three so this is a four just when they're open in the gulf with days to grow like that man. It's it's bad news. Very bad warm shallow. So hopefully katrina 's name won't be as bad as ida's name is now because my gosh. My daughter's name katrina after that storm. It was like like the store. Really people really related to that. They couldn't eight assumes to be though an older name. yeah. I had an aunt. Ada shoes mean. Storms perfect worked. Well yeah all right. Well that more coming up all right thanks. Karen appreciate it. See at seven thirty for rapid fire. News news talk eight fifty w. f. t. l. south south florida morning show. Thanks for being here this jen. This diener Bill over the weekend the world got to know the name. Lieutenant colonel stewart sheller. He spoke out or did he ever about these. So-called military leadership led to this disaster in afghanistan is a little bit of that by having growing discontent and contempt for my perceive ineptitude at the foreign policy level. And i want to specifically ask them questions to some of my senior leaders It sounds like he's just asking questions or wants information. Didn't sound insubordinate to me. Had non alleged with the problem is but he's been relieved of duty and then he resigned then yesterday put out another video. I got a feeling that maybe after the first video he gets some some support from somebody because this guy just relinquished what. How many more years left three three more years You know and he said. I'm looking at you know. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in pension. Va i don't care. Don't want it anymore. Take everything done a lot of guts. He just gave it all up. I was like holy cow so it does. But i just like that mother who she call into. Okay i if i if you were a dad of one of these. These soldiers killed bill. Let me just ask you this. I would be like shoulder to. I'd be asking i want answers but in you found out that the man that was responsible for your son or daughter's death was meeting the body at the airport. And you how would you feel. Yeah i know i i. I'd want my face to face with them now. I don't know what the security is around him in those kind of private meetings. But you'd hope so a he. He was a dover air force base yesterday. You know where they do. The you know the transform they they transfer the body. I'm like this is horrible. So sheller has been relieved. The official wording gina's loss of trust and confidence in his ability to command and then the pentagon comes out with this later. Talk about adding insult to injury. This is like kgb kind of stuff we will We're concerned for his mental health. And we're looking into that. So make himself. They sound crazy. That's nice so the guy speaks his mind because he knows that somebody in the upper ranks of the military screwed up moving our troops out of afghanistan and leaving. How many people are gonna get left behind. Did you say earlier. Like three hundred americans and remember of other afghan. You know a friendly people helped us says Reports this morning three. the gates are closed at the airports. Three hundred americans citizens left behind. She's and how am i don't know how many thousands i guess again allies but this guy has meant delicious. Yeah so blaine here. Not not this corruption at the top plane. The this guy who's who's believed so strongly in it. How can you say somebody's full of it. If he believes so strongly is willing to give up his pension in his in his career and benefits and he gave it all up yesterday. And i mean you gotta think if you're in the military when you leave your right you get a pension but more importantly the va takes care of your medical needs for the rest of your life and in many cases you know you've been exposed to god knows what while you've been overseas so goodness knows what's going to happen. What disease you're gonna get thirty years down the line the va takes care of you. And he gave that all he walked away from all of it. Yesterday i was like holy cow and a you mentioned this mom. This is unbelievable. Now all the major publications it picked it up two seats the real deal in amos kathy mccullum and she lost riley mccullum her son twenty years old in this disaster so she calls into this show on xm. I guess i can't remember what channel it is but the guy that does it is Wilco the will come majority okay not to promote another show but you got to give credit where it's due where the audio's from listen to this. Just she's just calls in with one of the marine yesterday twenty years and six months old getting ready to come home for frigging jordan to be with his wife to watch the birth of his son and that feckless dementia ridden piece of crap. Just send my son to die. I've never actually heard a direct reaction from somebody. Just got the visit from the marines but his describes it. I woke up at four o'clock this morning marine me. My son was dead one before me and listen to that pizza. Crap about diplomatic crab with wigan taliban. My john no nothing cannot see anything i i. This is such a low point. It's it's horrifying. It's just horrifying and at the end. You know we were just talking about the three hundred left behind. Looks like the number Brian kilmeade who's on after us at ten nike wrapped up his tweet with the news by asking a question he just says how can anybody in the biden administration. Keep their jobs. Anybody i can. You have to leave these people behind. It's horrifying at the same time. How do you sleep at night knowing that you're responsible really for the death of these people you're leaving behind. I really don't know i don't. You're just pure evil two feet or you're just so totally demented. You don't know what's going on in the world and that could very well be the case. Yikes i don't know. I don't already need some good news well. This is the rare combination of good news and wild kingdom story the end from la you know what the the outside of la. It's i thought it would be like well. I think it was calabasas. Which really isn't that close to. La this is you know where kobe bryant lives. It's a pretty nice neighborhood. That's what ray donovan was supposed to live. Calabasas yeah it's really nice and calabasas anyway This woman She got a little five year old sons out playing in the backyard. All since she hears him screaming she looks out the window and she sees her son inside the mouth of a sixty five pound mountain lion. Swear this gets better being dragged across the back yard and let me tell you if you don't believe in adrenaline in what you would do is is a mom. This woman runs outside jumps on top of them outline and starts pounding the crap out of it and the head just kept on beaten and beaten it beaten until he finally let go over sun. God love your mom. Let go of the sun. The animal ran away They'd restroom in the hospital. They say he's in stable condition and he is going to survive. I don't know how bad his injuries were. But they sent a wildlife officer backed. That one line was stolen. That was in the bush outside the house so they had to put down. Wow so it was. Yeah they they figured something was wrong with it. They're gonna do a necropsy.

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