Turner, LI, Britain discussed on Pat Williams Show


The people the turner gone decided they were going to do it differently for more war one they were gonna put one guy in charge of supply and put him on the same level as the combat generals they didn't want any part of that they hated that that was contrary to tradition and everything else and omar bradley in particular resented li refused to cooperate with him and refused to give him accurate accounts and how much supplies they had the artillery in the food and everything and they were just working against him all the time it was a real rex nest of intrigue among the american senior command and almost all of it focused on we just didn't like him now when he first went into great britain to start assembling the arsenal for the invasion demanded that the british give him a train well he needed to train to run back and forth across great britain keeping track of everything that was coming in and moving stuff around and making sure because the roads were clogged and the trains were the only way to get around it was a work train he did not party right and then when they took paris they moved his headquarters in paris and that made everybody mad that these guys these these supply guys behind the lines are living it up in paris while the soldiers are out crawling around in the mud but at least made it clear paris was the center of everything in france with all the railroads all the the telephones that everything is gonna launch a major operation like that it made sense for them to be there in the city and while everybody else was complaining about lee moving into paris and taking over hundreds of oh tells which is his people did they eisenhower himself they they were moving into verse i and other generals remove again to fancy franchise tells but here's the one it was just the he attracted all the criticism it was in great measure because of the kind of guy he was the fact is that in a wartime the supply people behind the lines are never very popular they're sleeping in one bed they're eating plenty of food and if they're in paris they've got all the cigarettes and all the line and the women and it's just natural that the people in fighting in the mud or going to resent the guys behind the lot and.

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