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Tells fans to vex up if they want to its end games. Several seven TVs Matthew Smith has details. Teams involved the Seahawks the crack ins, the Sounders both U Dub nws you all of these teams will require proof. Vaccination or a negative test close to game time. And those vary. For instance, some teams one negative test within 72 hours. Others offer a slimmer margin. T Mobile pork will still allow unvaccinated Mariner fans during the regular season. But if the s and their postseason drought playoff games would require proof of vaccination All the teams say this is intended to keep the community safe as doctors struggle to keep up with demand for care. Kyra radios Nicole Jennings has the latest hospital numbers are states hospitals hit new covid highs this past weekend, there were 1674 patients hospitalized with Covid 19 across the state. That's an increase of 7% from last week, and Cassie Sour, CEO of the Washington State Hospital Association, says more than 200 people are on ventilator statewide. That's an increase of about a third since last week. People who attended busy Labor Day weekend events like the Ellensburg Rodeo in the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge are asked to go get tested. The Sumner Bonney Lake School District is the latest to head back to classes today amid a school bus driver shortage Carbo seven TVs Lauren Donovan has more pick up and drop off times could be later with even the potential of no bus transportation at all. This issue is not exclusive to the Sumner Bonney Lake area. There's a nationwide shortage that's taking a heavy Toll on Western Washington schools. It turns out a strong smell, coming from the hand for nuclear site near Richland was apparently not caused by toxic chemicals. Nine workers reported the odor back in June before they experienced headache and nausea. Tri City Herald reports, authorities finished up their investigation. They say the smell likely came from a gas powered wheelbarrow. Some worker rights advocates say they still have questions, however. Cairo Radio forecast. We will see mostly sunny skies.

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